Even we beer people are sometimes
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Auriganic is a 100 percent juice beverage that features auricularia
auricula (aka woodear -- an edible fungus). Other ingredients, which
provide the actual flavor of the drink, are hawthorn berries, mango
puree, apple juice concentrate, and lemon juice concentrate. The
drinking experience is sweet and rich, with 240 calories and 48g of
sugars per bottle.  Tastes more like a tropical fruit drink than
something that’s a good-for-you product.
Recommended - too high in calories for lack luster taste
Reviews for August 2015
Bomb Energy Drink, produced in Canada, is a standard tasting energy
drink that, if anything, tastes a bit more tart than what you might find from
a can of Red Bull or Monster. There’s otherwise really nothing innovative
or special about the product, Featured ingredients are taurine, caffeine
(80mg), and B vitamins.  
Recommended with reservations - nothing special about it.
edited by Jim Attacap
The Blueberry-Peach flavor of Mudra Mushroom starts with a base of
green tea and chaga and reishi mushrooms. From there, the company
has added organic peach juice concentrate, organic agave, and natural
flavors (for the blueberry flavor). The resulting blend has only 20
calories and 5g of sugar per bottle, which means that it has a very light
and subtly sweet flavor profile. Solid effort.
Carrot Orange has the most juice-like flavor of the six Green Mustache
varieties. Made with carrot juice, orange juice, spinach, kale, coconut water,
lemon juice, ginger, and ground chia, the flavor is refreshing but complex.
There’s an initial note of carrot and orange, followed by a hit of greens and
coconut water, and then finally a lemon note. It also has some slight grit from
the ground chia. It’s not an overly strong or sweet tasting product, which, at
110 calories and 13g of sugar per bottle, is not a complete surprise
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