Even we beer people are sometimes
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beer. As a public service to beer lovers
everywhere BeerNexus presents the only
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Sap on Tap is a single-ingredient maple water beverage that is USDA
Organic certified. The product, like most other maple waters, is very
subtle with just a light maple flavor. The bottle is only 24 calories so it is a
legitimate low calorie refreshment option.  This, more than any supposed
health benefit, seems like the most compelling reason for buying It
however, in terms of flavor, it is generally interchangeable with other
maple water brands.  Not bad but nothing special.
Recommended with reservations.
Reviews for December 2014
The Salted Caramel flavor of Kohana Cold Brew is the best of the
company's new canned lineup. Like its other flavors, this one starts out
with cold-brewed coffee, sweetened with erythritol, sugar and monk fruit.
Then there's added milk, flavors, sea salt, carrageenan and potassium
phosphates. The flavor is rich and creamy, with the combination of
sweetened coffee and salted caramel flavor.  However it doesn’t feel like
something that will appeal to a serious coffee drinker.    
edited by Jim Attacap
Ocean Spray Pact is a low-calorie cranberry/pomegranate beverage
featuring the benefits of cranberry extract (specifically proanthocyanidins
or PACS).  In terms of flavor, the product tastes very much like a diet drink
due in part to its inclusion of stevia and monk fruit (the product also
contains agave). While the cranberry flavor is quite good (even though it
has no juice), their is little pomegranate flavor. The differences between
the four toutd  flavors is a bit too subtle. Still, for having only 10 calories
per bottle, it’s certainly an enjoyable tasting product.  Recommended.
Tumeric Alive’s Vegan Coconut Nectar is a blend of raw turmeric, ginger,
coconut nectar, lemon, salt, cinnamon, cayenne, and other spices. From a
flavor perspective, the product has heavy notes of turmeric, ginger, and
lemon, with a subtle sweetness and a lingering heat to the finish. It has only
a hint of coconut in the first sip and the heat from the ginger and cayenne
quickly make it disappear.
Recommended with reservations - the spicy flavor may be too much for
some new to this type of beverage.
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