Even we beer people are sometimes
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IBEX™ is all-natural drinkable yogurt.  The ginger flavor in the "Ginger
Probiotic" version's pairs well the base yogurt flavor. The slight earthy
spice helps counterbalance the naturally sour flavor that you get from
yogurt, while the touch of added sweetness (17g of sugar per 8 oz.
container) helps round things out. This is easily the best of  Ibex's drink
lineup   The probiotic content brings an additional value to the product.
Reviews for Jan. 2014
Kombucha Brooklyn’s Red Ginger is a very flavorful and refreshing
blend of ginger, strawberry juice and the company's base kombucha.
The flavor is very fruity and full-bodied, with the fermented flavor of the
kombucha working nicely with the strawberry juice to make something
that’s balanced and smooth. All in all it's a very mainstream-oriented
kombucha.  A good starting point for those trying kombucha for the first
time.     Highly Recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
Power Crunch Double Chocolate Blast is a whey protein drink that
features, among other things, 20 g of protein per 12 oz. bottle. In terms of
taste, it's definitely a very drinkable product. It's thick and rich with a fairly
pleasant chocolate flavor that masks most of the functional ingredients.
It's only at the finish where there's really any aftertaste or off flavors.  It's
ingredients definitely give this product some credibility on the nutrition front
Recommended with minor reservations due to aftertaste.
POPwater is a fruit-flavored sparkling beverage that contains 30 calories
and comes packaged in an 11.2 oz. aluminum bottle. From a taste
perspective, the product has a very pleasant apple flavor and is sweetened
with a blend of sugar, erythritol and stevia. The sweetener blend gives the
apple flavoring a rather natural level of sweetness and helps keep the
aftertaste to a tolerable level. While it's called POP “Water,” the product
definitely drinks somewhat similar to a soda.
.Recommended.with reservations due to aftertaste.
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