Even we beer people are sometimes
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Go Energy's focus is on adding coconut water for hydration purposes
(they call it “Hydrenergy”) and resveratrol (a popular anti-aging
ingredient). It's an  acesulfame potassium- and sucralose-sweetened
product that tastes very much like a classic energy drink that has been
cut with coconut water. It's basically under whelming and forgettable
flavor.  So it's not terrible, it's just there.   
Recommended with strong reservations.
Reviews for May 2013
The Chocolate variety of Orgain’s Healthy Kids line is a USDA Organic
certified nutritional shake that blends 8g of protein, ten different organic
fruits and veggies (ranging from kale to blueberries), 23 essential
vitamins and minerals and a creamy chocolate flavor. The last part is
certainly the most important as far as the end consumer is concerned,
and it’s definitely a product that tastes very enjoyable. Plus, parents who
turn the container around and read the nutrition panel should certainly
be pleased.  Highly Recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
Q Grapefruit is a very lightly sweetened sparkling drink that excels on
simplicity and straightforward flavor. The flavor is mainly grapefruit which
is a very nice fruit flavor for a sparkling beverage, and Q Drinks has
done a great job of letting the ingredient shine in this product. They’ve
added just a touch of sugar (12 g), and it enhances, rather than gets in
the way of, the fruit flavor
A latte made with coffee is something that is extremely mainstream.Lattes
made with tea, on the other hand, are still a bit of a novelty although they
are appearing at more and more retail coffee establishments. And that’s
basically what Teas’ Tea seems to be building upon with their new tea
lattes. The Black Tea Latte flavor is a very familiar tasting product as it
blends black tea, milk (from skim milk powder), and sugar for its primary
ingredients. To that end, it’s milky and somewhat sweet, with the black tea
working very well with the other flavors.   Recommended.
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