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The Lemonade Mint flavor of Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear beverages
comes packaged in a massive 23 oz. can (just like the other flavors in
this brand).  The product delivers as promised: it tastes like lemonade
with mint. It pairs high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and acesulfame
potassium as the blend of sweeteners that provide the sweetness. They
also added lemon, pear juice, and honey, which you can definitely taste.
As far as the actual lemonade flavor is concerned, it's good, but not
great, with the pear and artificial sweeteners getting in the way of the
lemon and mint flavors. Recommended with reservations.
Reviews for Jan. 2013
Essentia 9.5pH Water drink is attempting to establish itself as modern
and sporty with a new bottleand both flat and sport caps.  The product
calls itself “super hydrating water,” which is the result of it’s pH and
electrolyte content.  One of the better looking alkalinized waters being
sold today and it definitely has the credibility of being one of the longer
standing brands on the market.  Recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
RIZE is a hybrid sports nutrition/energy drink fueled by Trehelose, a
naturally occurring sugar that produces 2x the energy of glucose. It is
claimed that it stimulates positive brain function and inhibits dehydration
under extreme endurance efforts. From a flavor perspective, it’s perfectly
pleasant, with a clean sugar sweetened body that features an enjoyable,
albeit familiar, citrus and mango flavor.  The drink also contains creatine,
amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and rhodiola
rosea.  Overall, Rize is enjoyable to drink and has something unique to
its formulation,   Recommended.
Oat Works, Mango & Peach is a 100 % juice drink that has been enhanced
with PromOat (oat fiber). The flavor perspective is straightforward with the
mango and peach being dominant. The added pear and apple juices don't
get in the way. This product features 2g of soluble fiber per bottle, which is
certainly meaningful. Overall, Oat Works' Mango & Peach is a unique and
enjoyable spin on a classic smoothie beverage.  Recommended
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