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Next 10 Energy Shot is an energy drink that was created by a
neurosurgeon for the purposes of creating a healthier and better
performing product than what is currently on the market. The main point
of emphasis is on vitamin B6 content, which the marketer claims is being
used by competitors at potentially dangerous levels. So, Next 10 has
only 100 percent RDA of vitamin B6 Otherwise, the makeup of this
product looks very typical, with amino acids, vitamins, taurine, and
caffeine (the number of milligrams is not disclosed). The green apple
flavor is fine.  Solid if undistinguished.  Recommended
Reviews for Dec. 2012
Nawgan’s Lemonade flavor is quite good in this non-carbonated product  
with a zero calorie formulation. Functionality it has caffeine, B vitamins
and Cognizin, the latter provides the focus and “alertness” fuel that the
drink is primarily focused on. Still, the caffeine is really the immediate
benefit you'll get with this product since it has 100mg of it, Nicely
packaged with the label stressing it is an "alertness beverage".
edited by Jim Attacap
The Black Currant flavor of the Granny Squibb’s teas is made with black
tea, sugar, blackcurrant juice, lemon juice, lime juice, and natural flavor.
There’s a nice base of black tea at the heart of this product, which has
been given a moderate level of sweetness from the added sugar. From
there, the black currant juice has a tart flavor that’s almost cranberry-like.
The lemon and lime juices help join everything together, with the citrus
helping to keep the sweet and tart flavors at bay. A good tasting tea
despite the calories. Recommended.
Keeper Energy Drink is an Austrian produced energy drink that comes in
an 8.4 oz. can. Heard this one before? Yes, it is yet another energy drink to
deliver “classic” (aka Red Bull like) energy drink flavor. There’s really
nothing else to be said for what’s inside the can. It’s completely unoriginal
and has no reason for being aside from to attempt to undercut the price of
other brands.  Still if price is really important to you then there's nothing
wrong with buying it. Recommended with reservations.
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