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The Guava (or “Guayava”) variety of Agua Con is probably the best
formulated flavor of the lineup. This really is a matter of a superior flavor
combination, with the guava masking the stevia and minimizing the acidic
finish that are in some of the other flavors. However, it’s still not sweet at
all, which begs the question: why use stevia if you’re not going to give
your product sweetness? It’s certainly going to alienate and/or confuse
some segment of the potential consumer base for a product like this. In
our opinion, it would be more logical if this product had no sweetener at
all.  Recommended with reservations.
Reviews for Nov. 2012
The Silver Edition” from Red Bull is a lime-flavored formulation. It
definitely has the most entry level flavor of the Red Bull line, with a taste
that is probably best compared to lemon lime soda but with a bit more
tang and a finish that is reminiscent of classic Red Bull. They’ve done a
nice job of achieving balance in the formulation, giving it just the right
amount of fruit flavor and energy bite.  Functionally, this product is
classic Red Bull, with caffeine, amino acids, and B vitamins.  Well made
and tasty for this type of product.  Recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
Co2 Pure Coconut Water With Pulp-- You may be thinking that if you’ve
had one coconut water with pulp, you’ve had them all, but this product is
slightly different. Specifically, the product has a more heavy volume of
pulp, which also comes in different sizes and textures. The pieces range
from larger soft bits to more crunch pieces that add some grit to the
body. Whether or not this is a good thing will ultimately be a matter of
personal preference, but it is tasty and distinctive.  Overall this is a nice
tasting product well worth trying.  Recommended.
Jolly Rancher Green Apple Soda - there’s nothing real or natural tasting
about this product until a bit of green apple aftertaste arrives after the
swallow. But it does manage to replicate the taste of the green apple Jolly
Rancher candy effectively. Whether or not that’s a good thing is for the
drinker to determine, but with a particularly effective package to draw those
drinkers in, this soda is one easy way to satisfy any major Jolly Rancher
cravings a person might have. Overall a bit to sweet and artificial but that's
what a Jolly Rancher is all about anyway. Recommended with reservations.
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