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This is Kombucha - a handmade Chinese tea that is cultured for 30
days. During this time, essential nutrients form including active enzymes,
probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols.

Blending organic and raw kombucha, organic and raw chia seeds, and
organic cherry juice, Synergy's Cherry Chia is an excellent tasting
kombucha. The chia seeds add natural thickness and chew to the drink
and also manage (with the help of the cherry juice) to cut the fermented
flavor substantially. The result is several layers of flavor, including tart,
sweet, and vinegar. On the packaging front, the 16 oz. bottle and label
follow the rest of the Synergy lineup. The biggest visual difference – and
it is a big one -- comes from the naturally suspended chia seeds.  
Reviews for June, 2012
V8, which is a product of the Campbell Soup Company, recently added
VFusion Energy to their portfolio of single serve ready to drink
beverages.  These non-carbonated beverages contain caffeine from
natural sources and fruit and vegetable juice equal to one combined
serving of fruits and vegetables.  The Black Cherry Pomegranate is made
with 50 percent juice and sweetened with fruit juice and added stevia,
It is relatively high in calories (60 per can) given how diet-like the flavor
tastes. The product feels like it is struggling with what it wants to be.
There’'s a pretty heavy juice flavor (we taste pomegranate and apple,
but there are a total of five vegetable and fruit juices in the mix), but then
it quickly shifts into a carbonated soft drink -like flavor profile thanks to
the carbonation and stevia finish.
edited by Jim Attacap
the Peach Passionfruit variety of Snapple’s Lightly Sweetened tea seems
like a logical progression from the core Snapple flavors. In essence, it
tastes like a more mellow version of Snapple’s classic peach flavored
black tea, thanks to lower sugar content (18g) and the naturally more
delicate flavor of white tea. However, we’re not sure what passionfruit
really brings to the mix, aside from a feeble attempt to make this seem
slightly more exotic. In our opinion, a cleaner peach flavor would make
the product more polished and refreshing. Visually, the product suffers
from an over-designed label, with text filling just about every possible
area on the label.  Overall, a decent product.
Juan Valdez, who is a fictional character who appears in ads from the
National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, has finally made his
way to the ready to drink iced coffee category. Unfortunately, we’re less
than impressed with this product, starting with its extremely sweet and milky
formulation. The coffee feels very much like a secondary part of the mix,
And, more importantly, it’s very similar to many other drinks that are already
on the market. So, why would anyone try this one? Clearly, they are trying
to answer that with the branding, although the familiarity with Juan Valdez
(at least in the USA) has certainly fallen since the rise of Starbucks. The
bottle's graphic design, which uses a rather unattractive burlap sack
background has only a small cutout of the larger Juan Valdez logo making it
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