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Voila’s “Classic Pineapple Coconut Juice” is made with pineapple juice
from concentrate, coconut milk extract, creamed coconut, and water.
“Classic” is definitely an accurate word for this product, with a flavor that
tastes like it was made with canned juice rather than something fresh.
Due to the use of ingredients that are naturally thick, this product has a
heavy body and is definitely a challenge to drink. This might not be the
worst thing in the world, considering that the product has 320 calories,
4g of fat, and 68g of sugars per bottle and limited nutrition content.
Furthermore, using juice from concentrate seems like a mistake given
this product’s perishable format and high price point.
Not Recommended.
Reviews for Aug. 2012
Mr. Pink Vitamin Ginseng Drink is an energy drink (it’s labeled as a
supplement) that features caffeine, 1000mg ginseng, and B vitamins as
its functional ingredients. In terms of flavor, it’s pleasant, but definitely
tastes like a functional drink, with a heavy note of vitamins, a note of
citrus, and a final note of herbal flavor. From our perspective, the flavor
and formulation seem like something that would be interchangeable with
other products on the market -- there’s nothing really extraordinary about
Mr. Pink (unless you are in the minority of people seeking a big dose of
ginseng from your energy drink).
Recommended with some reservations.
edited by Jim Attacap
Premium Energy Drink is an energy drink that is trying too hard -- to the
point of it seeming desperate -- to sell you on the fact that their product
is premium. In addition to calling itself premium in its name, the can also
says “Exclusive” and “VIP.” The problem we have with this is that nothing
about this drink is premium or exclusive. Both the flavor and functional
ingredients are the same as what you’ll find in certain other drinks on the
market. And from a flavor perspective, this sugar sweetened drink is very
sweet and has “classic energy drink” taste. Visually, the design is
amateurish at best and, when combined with the excessive use of
adjectives that attempt to establish the product’s premium brand, makes
the product look like a novelty product.
Not Recommended.
The flagship flavor of the G-Shot line is this one, known as “Goji Berries.”
Key ingredients include goji berries (of course), stevia, monk fruit (also a
sweetener), grape seed extract, taurine, glucuronolactone, and caffeine.
The flavor of the drink is very strong, with a slightly tart fruit flavor that
quickly turns into a bitter finish from the sweeteners. It’s definitely
something that should be consumed quickly -- the flavor is not something
worth savoring. Functionally, it seems to have what you’d expect to find in
an energy shot: B vitamins, caffeine, and taurine. The biggest point of
differentiation being in the drink’s 3800 ORAC value (antioxidants) and its
health oriented branding. Visually, the 2.4 oz. fully wrapped glass bottle
looks unique and fits with the drinks good-for-you theme.
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