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Pepsi’s AMP’s “Boost Original” is what appears to be the flagship flavor
of Amp’s 2012 revised lineup. This particular flavor does taste like what
we remember Amp tasting like, with a sweet flavor (58g of sugar per
can) that’s heavy on the citrus flavors (it’s also made with orange juice
concentrate) and has a mild bite to the finish. While it’s pleasant tasting
as far as soda-like energy drinks are concerned, we wouldn’t mind if the
liquid weren’t such an unnatural green color and if the drink didn’t have
its syrupy finish (presumably from the high fructose corn syrup).
Functionally, it appears to be a pretty standard blend of B vitamins,
caffeine, ginseng, guarana, and taurine. That said, we’re not really sure
what the word “Boost” means -- there’s nothing noticeably different
about this product’s ingredients. Recommended with reservations.
Reviews for Sept. 2012
Coco Life Pure Coconut Water is a not from concentrate coconut water
that is packaged in a 10 oz. glass bottle with a pull ring top. Made in
Thailand, this product has a single ingredient listed -- “single strength
coconut water from young green coconuts.” However, there’s nothing to
certify that this is true and most other brands don’t utilize words phrases
about the strength of the mixture or the age of coconuts. From a flavor
perspective, Coco Life is more sweet than salty (which isn’t always the
case with coconut water), making it something that has an almost
indulgent flavor rather than one that’s truly hydrating or thirst quenching.
Plus, there’s a slightly acidic finish to the product, despite the product not
listing any added preservatives. But really our bigger issue for this
product is size -- 10 ounces is a very small portion to hop into the very
competitive coconut water market with.  Recommend with reservations.
edited by Jim Attacap
Steaz Super Fruit is a lightly sweetened USDA Organic and Fair Trade
certified flavored green tea. It features acai and lemon juices as well as
mangosteen, goji, pomegranate, and blueberry flavorings and is
sweetened with evaporated cane juice. From a flavor perspective, the
product is light in body and has a mellow tea base. The added juice is
very light and not distinguishable from the mix, while the combination of
fruit flavors gives the product a fruit flavor that’s basically that of a mild
fruit punch. It’s not overly sweet (it has 18g of sugar per can), but as you
drink the product it definitely leaves behind a sugary aftertaste. Overall, it’
s a pleasant tasting product that should have appeal with a mainstream
consumer.  Recommended.
Gorilla Cold Brew is a cold brewed unsweetened coffee drink that is made
by Gorilla Coffee, a popular roaster and coffee retailer based in Brooklyn,
NY. Unlike some of the other cold brew coffees out there that require
refrigeration, this product is shelf-stable and comes in an aseptic 11 oz.
Tetra Pak carton with a screw top. That said, the product has been
subjected to high heat during its processing (which is required for aseptic
packaging). Whether or not this has an impact on the flavor of cold brewed
coffee, we can’t say, but it is somewhat confusing to sell it as cold brew
when it has been heated. The coffee is strong and flavorful, using a high-
quality roast. Compared with what else is offered on the coffee shelf, Gorilla
Cold Brew is certainly one of the best options out there. Our only issue with
the product is the finish, which is somewhat bitter in comparison to some of
the other cold brew products that we’ve sampled. Recommended.
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