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Coco Coconut Water,  is a not from concentrate product that is
packaged in a 330ml (approximately 11 oz.) Tetra Pak carton. The
coconut water is sourced in Brazil and tastes very much like competing
products. While it tastes good, this presents an issue of building
customers loyal to the brand -- why go out of your way to get Coco when
any number of brands taste the same?  So, while the product itself is a
perfectly adequate choice, we’re again left feeling as though the product
will be perceived as an imitator rather than something that can build a
big following on its own. Recommended with reservations.
Reviews for Oct. 2012
Modeled after a “Cuba Libre” cocktail (that’s a mix of cola, lime, and rum),
Monster’s Cuba Lima has a lime flavored cola as its base flavor. Instead
of using rum, the product is of course enhanced with functional
ingredients, including caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, amino acids, guarana,
and ginseng. As far as the cola flavor goes, it’s good, but it’s definitely
not the best cola flavor we’ve ever had.  It’s definitely one of their
cleanest looking designs in a while. Overall, it’s tough to say how a cola
flavored energy drink will be received, but they’ve put their best foot
forward with the packaging and it’s sure to grab some eyes.
edited by Jim Attacap
Mission Root’s Amla is a beverage that is based on a traditional
Ayurvedic fruit known that is also known as an Indian Gooseberry. While
the liquid has a color similar to that of green tea, the flavors aren’t at all
the same. Instead, we’d describe the flavor as being slightly herbal, with
a note of citrus and a modest amount of sweetness. Perhaps the only
thing that’s disappointing about this formulation is the lack of ginger.  
Overall, the flavor of the drink is very approachable and enjoyable. As far
as the packaging is concerned, the 12 oz. glass bottle is, thanks to some
nicely executed label design, aesthetically pleasing. However, given the
somewhat exotic name of the flavor and a lack of anything overly
descriptive about it, we think that some consumers will ask “What is this
stuff?”   Recommended.
The Citrus flavor of A-Game is, from a flavor perspective, a cousin of the
classic “orange” sports drink flavor (with the name Citrus, we’d have
guessed it would be a lemon-lime flavor). It’s a pretty good interpretation,
with added clover honey and salt definitely having a positive impact. The
product also uses sucralose as as an added sweetener, but the crystalline
fructose and honey mask it entirely. On the functional end of things, the
product touts sea salt (for electrolyte content), honey (for energy), and
vitamins (C, D, E, and B vitamins) as its key benefits. Ultimately, it seems
like the honey and salt are what are most likely to pull in consumers for this
product’s formulation. The rest of it, regardless of it being more efficacious
than other drinks, feels a bit like noise in this era of vitamin fortified
everything.  Recommended.
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