UK Health Warnings
on Beer

Britain's biggest brewer is now
labelling cans and bottles with a
health warning to combat binge

These warnings are now  on
Newcastle Brown Ale and will soon
appear on brands such as Fosters,
Kronenbourg, and John Smith's.

Coors UK, which brews Carling and
Grolsch lagers, will introduce a
similar policy early next year.

The label explains that responsible
drinkers should not exceed four
"units" of alcohol a day for men
and three for women.  

The label defines one glass of
wine (12%) or a pint of beer
(4%) as two "units." A single
(25ml) measure of 40% spirits is
equal to one unit.

The British alcohol industry has
also funded a new website,, to further
promote and explain their

Scottish Courage Brewery's
managing director spearheaded
the move toward the new
warnings.  He believes that the
"message on our products,
alongside alcohol unit information,
will help individuals make more
informed decisions about
consumption. "
Feature News  from
First Beer for Women

Indian River Brewery in Melbourne, Florida  has just begun
producing  America's first beer especially brewed for
women, Honey Amber Rose.  The name is most appropriate
as the light lager is flavored with rosehips and honey.  It
also features no preservatives, few carbohydrates and  
low alcohol content.

According to  Sara Waters, developer of the brew, rosehips
were often used in the early 1800's in brewing  but  fell out
of favor because it was so difficult to separate the
rosehips shells from the seed.

Mixed with honey, the rosehips provide a fruity, slightly
sweet flavor which Waters believes "will remind many of a
enjoyable Belgian style beer."  

Large chain retail distributors Whole Foods Fresh Market
and Crown Liquors have already placed orders for most of
the entire first production run.   

Waters personally designed the label which features a
mysterious looking woman with no
eyes who stands over the  slogan  
"Honey is sexy but sophisticated - like our drinkers."

Election Results

Not only is the recent Presidential election over but so too
are the  campaign-style ads run by Miller that challenged
Bud in a mock election.  The popular ads appeared on TV,
radio, and countless web sites.

Did the "election" commercials work? The answer is a
resounding yes.    Sales were up an impressive 15% for
Miller Lite during the ad campaign.   An added bouns for
Miller was that Genuine Draft's sales decline stabilized
while the ads played.