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Manyk  Original, this is a sugar sweetened “classic” energy drink that
has a slightly more pronounced citrus flavor to it. There’s nothing wrong
with the flavor, but nothing really standout or overly unique.Functionally,
it has all the usual suspects, including caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, etc.  
If you search for this one be aware that the tagline “Master the Energy,”
is the only readable text on the front of the can and could easily be
confused as the name of the product.  Overall, not bad but not good.
.Recommended with reservations.
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Heart of Tea’s Peach Tea is a blend of black tea, peach flavoring, and
sugar (along with citric acid). The resulting drink has a relatively bold
black tea flavor, is moderately sweet, and has peach flavoring that is
typical of similar products.  It's a straightforward, basic but still solid entry.
However it’s hard to see where this product fits amidst the massive sea of
teas that are already on the market. Recommended with reservations.
edited by Jim Attacap
Of the Plasma Energy lineup, Blue Raz is easily the best tasting flavor. It
has a “blue berry” flavor that feels straight out of a pack of bubble gum
or some other overly sweet candy mainly due to the fact they’ve
sweetened the product with sugar.  Blue Raz definitely drinks like soda
with blue coloring, which simply serves as a subtle reminder that this
product is not all natural.  Functionally, the drink features amino acids,
vitamins, caffeine (160mg per can), electrolytes, milk thistle extract, acai
extract, and prickly pear extract. The label says “extra strength” despite
having the same level of caffeine as most other energy drinks.  
Not recommended mainly because of the somewhat misleading label.
The flagship flavor of Mr. Mo’s Lemonade series is this variety, which is
simply called “Lemonade.” Like the rest of the line, it’s USDA Organic-
certified and it features 11 percent juice (lemon juice from concentrate).
Inside the bottle, there’s some good lemonade flavor, but it’s definitely not
the best tasting bottle of lemonade around. The lemon flavor is clearly from
concentrate, which is probably most apparent in the slight tang that you get
on the tail end of the product. That said, this product is enjoyable enough,
although it doesn’t offer anything that’s necessarily worth going out of your
way for.     Recommended with reservations.
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