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Starbucks Coffee + Milk .is an iced coffee drink that is sweetened with
sugar. This product is designed to be like the iced coffee that you’d buy
in a Starbucks and it succeeds, for the most part.  It's made with lowfat
milk, Starbucks coffee, pectin, and ascorbic acid.  The calorie profile
(110 per bottle, except in the low calorie product that has 50) is
reasonable for this type of drink.  Downside - the milk has the scalded
flavor that is found in most similar products that are dominated by milk.
.Recommended with mild reservations.
Reviews for March 2013
Original Rock Melon is an all-natural cantaloupe juice beverage that
comes packaged in a 16 ounce HDPE bottle.  It’s made with water,
cantaloupe puree, sugar, and natural flavor, but it does not list the a
percentage of the formulation that’s juice. While it has a very pleasant
and accurate cantaloupe aroma, the flavor leaves something to be
desired. Specifically, it’s too sweet. The sugar takes over and lingers
after you finish it (also note that it has 220 calories and 56g of sugar per
bottle). Furthermore, the fruit flavor lacks the freshness of real
cantaloupe.     Not Recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
Teas' Tea Plus is a line of reduced calorie "Half & Half" style teas that
use a blend of sugar and stevia to achieve their 50 calories per serving
(100 per bottle). Using a base of green tea and adding in lemon juice
this is a well executed lemon flavored tea. The presence of the stevia is  
easy to miss, while the sugar helps the product achieve a very natural
tasting sweetness.  It may not stand out from similar products but it is a
solid entry in the group.   Recommended.
Diet Double Cola, which, being a diet cola, is a product that’s about as
pedestrian as it gets. Compared with other colas that have attempted to
throw their hat into the category, the only thing unique about it is their name
and the design of their can.   As for the flavor, there isn’t really a whole lot
new that we can say about a cola that’s sweetened with ace-k and
aspartame. There are countless colas out there that have done this and
this one is on par with them.  However, as far as value diet colas go (this is
priced lower than many house brands), this one isn't half bad.
Recommended with mild reservations.
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