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ALO’s latest flavor, Escape, is a blend of aloe vera juice (with pulp) and
added juices from sea buckthorn berry juice, pineapple juice, and guava
juice. The flavor of the drink is sweet, with the aloe vera juice taking
center stage. Sea buckthorn berry juice, which is super tart, appears to
cut the other flavors, leaving no distinguishable pineapple or guava
flavors. Still, the blend of juices is enjoyable and refreshing, with an
exotic flavor profile. Recommended.
Reviews for June 2013
The Natural Jones Lemon Lime variety is a 30 calorie per bottle soda that
is sweetened with sugar, erythritol and stevia. The flavor is light and
straightforward, with a crisp and refreshing citrus flavor. The use of sugar
alongside zero calorie sweeteners is a nice approach, although there’s
definitely some sweetener flavor to the finish. The product also has
added natural caffeine, soluble fiber, and green tea leaf extract. Still, the
product is ultimately a refreshment product, and it’s a pretty good one.   
edited by Jim Attacap
The POM Wonderful brand entering the coconut water category is sure
to get some buzz.  This beverage, is labeled as 100 % juice, is made with
60 % coconut water (from concentrate), 10 percent pineapple juice, and
30% pomegranate juice. It is flash pasteurized and requires refrigeration,
contains stevia and natural flavors.  It has a pleasant flavor with
pomegranate and pineapple dominating. The coconut water provides
some flavor on the tail end and serves as a way to add natural sugar and
electrolytes to the product.  Highly Recommended.
Blue Monkey’s Coconut Milk beverage is a blend of organic coconut milk,
sugar, and a few ingredients to thicken and emulsify the mixture. The liquid,
which pours very thick and is milky looking, is surprisingly light in flavor.
There is only a hint of coconut flavor to the mix, followed by a touch of
sugar (approximately 17g per can).  Given its thickness, it’s hard to imagine
drinking this on a regular basis or with food.   
Not Recommended.
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