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Alley Oop is a citrus-flavored sports drink that is sweetened with sugar,
corn syrup, sucralose and stevia. The product, which has 40 calories
per 16 oz. bottle, definitely tastes like something that is made with zero
calorie sweeteners. Otherwise, it has a decent orange flavor to it. That
being said, we don’t think it tastes as good other traditional sports
drinks. There’s a bit too much sweetener flavor, and the taste profile of
the orange flavoring is just too strong for something that is billed as a
sports drink.  Not Recommended.
Reviews for July 2013
HiBall’s Peach flavored Sparkling Energy Water is a zero-calorie
unsweetened product that follows the same format as the other Energy
Water flavors. In this case, it’s peach flavoring that provides this product
with its subtle splash of flavor. Whether this is better than the other
flavors is ultimately personal preference This product comes with a 160
mg punch of organic caffeine as well as added B vitamins, guarana and
ginseng.  Solid flavor with good energy boost.  Recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
The Pure Life Peach variety does not have stevia in the mix as other
flavors in this product line do.  Instead, it’s a sugar only formulation that
tastes just like any other mainstream bottle of peach flavored black tea.
That said, this product is certainly a passable onet, but it fails to offer
anything that would build a loyal consumer base. Might be something to
try if you find it on sale and don't mind the normal calorie load and don't
expect too much. Recommended with reservations.
Welcome to the new line called Soda Shaq.  This  is their flagship flavor,
Vanilla Cream. It’s a very straightforward product that delivers a flavor of a
classic cream soda. The ingredients, include carbonated water, sugar,
honey, natural flavor, bourbon vanilla extract and citric acid. It’s not an
overly sweet tasting product, which is a good thing, and the use of sugar
gives the product a clean rather than syrupy finish. However it comes in a
23.5 can (for $0.99) at a whopping 270 calories and 72g of sugar per
container.   Recommended with reservations due to high calories.
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