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Limonitz is a mint-flavored sparkling lemonade that is sugar-sweetened
and USDA Organic certified. It’s tart and tangy, with a nice balance of
sweetness and citrus in the body of the drink. The carbonation gives the
flavor some depth, while the mint finish is a nice addition. All in all, the
the taste is very straightforward and enjoyable albeit a full calorie drink..
It definitely seems like a nice approach to the organic soda set.   
Reviews for Sept. 2013
The “Joe’s Summer Blend” of Red Jacket cold-pressed juices is a mix of
apples, lemon juice and vitamin C. While it’s cold-pressed (like many high
end apple ciders), this isn’t the same stuff that’s commonly being
marketed as cold-pressed juice. In any case, for a bottle of pasteurized
apple and lemon juice, this product is quite tasty, with a flavor that’s
effectively like mixing a splash of apple juice into a bottle of lemonade.   
edited by Jim Attacap
The Lemon Ginger Cayenne flavor of Townshend Tea’s Brew Dr.
Kombucha is probably about as much of an “Original” flavor as you’ll find.
And it’s a very good one, with a nice twist (cayenne) on the ubiquitous
lemon ginger flavor that’s a part of just about every kombucha line out
there. That said, the base flavor of this product should be very familiar to
anyone who has sampled kombucha. It has a lightly fermented flavor, but
cane sugar, lemon and ginger flavors quickly cut it.
This drink unfortunately has a definite protein bitterness, which is to be
expected from a product with 12g of protein per bottle.  It also has a little bit
of stevia aftertaste. The other functional ingredients, which include green
tea extract, guarana, flax oil, spriulina extract, chlorella extract, fenugreek
extract, yerba mate, konjac, calcium, and B vitamins, seem to impart a
“functional” bite to the product.  It's definitely packed with many things but
great taste isn't one of them.  
Not Recommended (based on taste not function.)
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