Even we beer people are sometimes
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Ayala’s Herbal Tea's Chamomile Bergamot Vanilla version boasts a that
is quite good, with a mellow chamomile and bergamot (which adds a
slight citrus note) characteristics.  The finish brings vanilla. The lack of
sweetness (the product being zero-calorie) is noticeable.  No sweetners
of any kind are used. The lack of sweetness/sweetener is not noted on
the label so it may be a bit misleading.  Still a solid entry. Recommended.
Reviews for October 2013
Suja’s “Fuel” is a blend of nine carrots, one orange, one apple, a slice of
pineapple, half of a lemon, and a pinch of turmeric. The bright orange
juice has a heavy carrot and orange flavor, with the pineapple  easily
distinguishable from the mix. The other flavors are lost in the mix, but that’
s okay -- it still has a most agreeable taste.  The “raw” high pressure
processed (ingredients have never been heated) results in a  fresh taste.
Unfortunately the product retails around $10 for 16 oz..  Based on taste
only we rate this: Recommended.  If price is an important consideration
we cannot recommend it.
edited by Jim Attacap
Alova’s Cucumber Mint variety is a very pleasant tasting sugar-
sweetened carbonated soft drink. The taste of this product is very well-
executed, with a moderate amount of sweetness behind the very
pleasant tasting cucumber and mint flavorings.  However it is hard to  
pinpoint where aloe comes into play since there is no obvious taste from
it.   It has 70 calories per it's 11.16 oz. glass bottle.
Popeye Energy is an energy drink that is made with 75 percent juice and is
labeled as a dietary supplement. It currently comes in two varieties,
Clobberin Clementine and Bruiser Blackberry.  The company has blended
the juices, which include white grape, apple and clementine, with sparkling
water, vitamins and natural caffeine (160mg per can). The flavor of the
product is very fruity and refreshing.   Nicely done.  Recommended
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