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The Cucumber & Mint flavor in Found’s Sparkling Water lineup is a
lightly sweetened (with sugar) sparkling mineral water beverage that is
imported from Turkey. The product has a decent amount of flavor to it,
with the cucumber being the dominant essence. The mint and sweetness
come in as secondary flavors, but both are very subtle (there are 14g of
sugar in the bottle). Good level of carbonation but the finish might be a
bit too sharp and tart for some. Recommended with reservations.
Reviews for Nov. 2013
Unlike most “lite” or diet energy drinks out there, many of which are
formulated with a zero-calorie sweetener, Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy Lite
is simply a lighter version of the original product. The drink has 70
calories and 18 grams of sugar per 8 oz. can. The product tastes quite
good, with an agave-sweetened base that’s pleasant and offers a lighter
flavor profile than the original. However, it’s not something that can
contend with a zero-calorie product -- 70 calories is just too far off.
Recommended with reservations due to high calories for a "lite" drink.
edited by Jim Attacap
Beat Juice, whose tagline is “a truly functional beverage,” is a blend of
80% juice, including pomegranate, concord grape juice, and beet juice,
with added hibiscus and grape seed extract.  The hibiscus helps the
product have a smooth finish, with a light floral note that also gives the
product a slightly lighter mouthfeel than it would without it. All in all, it’s a
very tasty product.  Recommended.
Although spicy-flavored juice drinks aren’t for everyone, if they are
something that you enjoy, then Wild Poppy’s Blood Orange Chili beverage
is for you. Made with a USDA Organic blend of water, blood orange juice,
agave and habanero pepper, this product is mildly sweetened but full of
flavor. The first thing to hit your palate is the blood orange juice, which
lacks the tartness found in drinks that use a higher concentration of this
ingredient. The heat from the habanero pepper is there, but not
overwhelming, although it does linger.  Recommended (if you like heat)
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