Even we beer people are sometimes
forced to drink something other than
beer. As a public service to beer lovers
everywhere BeerNexus presents the only
monthly column of reviews you'll ever see
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everything not beer!
Chiquita is best known for its bananas, the banana strawberry variety of
Chiquita Tropicals seems like the logical place to start. Labeled as "the
exotic juice,” the product is really just a straightforward strawberry
banana smoothie drink; you can find a similar formulation in countless
other product. Overall, it's a decent product but not distinctive in a
crowded marketplace.   Recommended with reservations.
Reviews for Dec. 2013
Quaker Oats Chocolate Breakfast Drink is a product that seems flawed.
It's artificially-flavored and artificially-sweetened plus, the product is
ultimately more of a protein drink than oat beverage. It has 10g of protein
and 200 cal per 11.1 oz. bottle, and it drinks very much like your typical
protein drink. It is chocolatey and sweet with a rich and creamy body that
is been enhanced with milk protein isolate and other ingredients. As far
as the oats are concerned, there’s really no way to detect them
Recommended with reservations.
edited by Jim Attacap
Hop Soda is a unique soda that is made with natural hops extract. Hops
are used in beer as well as non-alcoholic beverages. This product tastes
very good. It’s made with four ingredients, including water, cane sugar,
phosphoric acid, and natural hops extract, which helps it have a clean and
straightforward flavor. Hop Soda is light (it contains 14g of sugar) and
floral, with a flavor profile that makes for a nice alternative to the typically
fruit flavors used in carbonated beverages. Highly  Recommended.
Rockstar’s Cherry Citrus “Sparkling” Energy drink is a seltzer-like product.  I
has an Ace-K and sucralose-sweetened formulation and conatins zero
calories. The flavor is pleasant and light in the mouth.  It’s very much like
drinking diet soda; with cherry and citrus flavors this makes for a very thirst-
quenching experience.  It also packs some punch, with 160mg of natural
caffeine, B vitamins and taurine making up the energy blend.
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