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SoBe Peach Team is a sucralose/Ace-K sweetened peach bomb  and
quite good when cold.   If you're a patient drinker however this artificially-
sweetened diet iced tea becomes less inviting.  Still, SoBe has managed
to plow a lot of peach – if not tea -- flavor into this.  Bottom line is simple,
if you like peach you'll probably like this five calorie drink.  If you're not
the peachy type, stay away.
Reviews for May 2014
Rhino Relaxation drink's base consists of carbonated water, blackberry
juice, and blueberry juice.  The juice gives the product a very natural and
fruity flavor. It's uses sugar, which gives the product a clean and crisp
sweetness, but unfortunately there is the added blue coloring making for
a somewhat unappealing dark purple color. From a functional
perspective, the product has valerian root, L-theanine, lemon balm, and
chamomile extracts along with added B vitamins.
Recommended with reservations due to high sugar content.
edited by Jim Attacap
Pickle Juice Sport (no we're not kidding) is marketed as a "pre-hydration"
beverage.  Even if that claim had merit this drink is a tough go. For
starters, the product smells like pickles.  It's the type of flavor that few
people would find enjoyable. This pickle flavored beverage's formula is
based on the fluid put into pickle jars. The drink is that and more as it
actually to taste like pickles themselves. Good luck with this one.
Not recommended.
Base's Wildberry Splash is a lightly flavored enhanced water that won't bog
you down with calories or carbs like many competing products. Base has
formulated it with only 7 grams of carbs per serving (using sucrose and fruit
juices), so it is definitely low-carb. The result is that the wildberry flavor is
literally, as the name states, a "splash" as it's extremely light on the palate.
Recommended but don't expect an avalanche of flavor.
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