Even we beer people are sometimes
forced to drink something other than
beer. As a public service to beer lovers
everywhere BeerNexus presents the only
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everything not beer!
Quaker Oats Strawberry Breakfast Shake unfortunately features a
strawberry flavor that is artificially created and does not taste accurate
at all. On the plus side it delivers 8g of whole grains, 10g protein, and 6g
of dietary fiber. It otherwise still looks and feels very much like a typical
protein beverage.  There are better tasting and equally healthy shakes
on the market, though none use the strawberry flavor.
Not Recommended.
Reviews for July 2014
Monster Energy Rehab drink is non-carbonated and includes coconut
water, superfruit extracts, energy drink ingredients, electrolytes, tea,
sucralose, and is branded as a recovery drink. Even better the drink
itself is quite tasty with the classic half lemonade and half iced tea flavor.
AT 20 calories per can it can compete with the low-cal segment of the tea
category while still delivering a caffeine jolt.
edited by Jim Attacap
Briar's Diet Cream Soda is a zero calorie and zero sugar formulation that
doesn't compromise in taste. The sucralose-sweetened beverage does
have a light harsh aftertaste but overall the cream flavor covers any off
notes.  In general this beverage is quite enjoyable and is up to the high
quality level of other diet sodas under the Briar's Premium brand.
Vital Juice Greens w/ Almonds is certainly one of the most innovative blends
in the marketplace.  But taste is what counts and this drink features notes
of cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon and almond.  Overall the flavor  took a
little getting used to, but after a few sips it became a positive.  Also on the
plus side is that it gives you the benefits of green juice and an almond milk
in one bottle.
Recommended with the caveat about getting used to the different taste.
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