Even we beer people are sometimes
forced to drink something other than
beer. As a public service to beer lovers
everywhere BeerNexus presents the only
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Skinnygirl Sparkler’s Pink Grapefruit variety ha 5 calories per serving
(10 per 17 oz. bottle). The product uses 5 percent juice as well as honey
and sugar (there’s also Ace-K and sucralose), which helps it achieve a
very natural tasting fruit flavor. TOverall it feel less like a “sparkling
water” and more like a sparkling juice or a soda. Regardless, it’s a
pleasant tasting product,
Reviews for June 2014
Vertical Water is in the newest class of beverages: maple water. This
product is made with maple water (sourced from U.S. maple trees) as its
sole ingredient, and doesn't incorporate any preservatives. The flavor is
light and not too far from straight water. There is a subtle sweetness in
the background that resembles maple syrup in a highly diluted form.  On
the plus side it's definitely thirst-quenching.  It has 40 calorie per carton
with a sugar content of 6g per 16.9 oz. carton.
Recommended if you don't mind the 40 calories.
edited by Jim Attacap
The Green Tea variety of Evy Tea blends Meyer lemon and basil with cold-
brewed green tea.  The blend of full bodied green tea pairs almost
perfectly with the citrus and herb flavors, which results in something that
has very nice depth of flavor and is very refreshing. Plus, it’s a zero-
calorie formulation that is successful without needing any sweetener.
Refreshing and good tasting, what more could you ask for?
Highly recommended.
Aquadopa is a non-carbonated supplement drink whose tagline is “beyond
energy.” The functional ingredients in this product include mucuna pruriens
seed extract, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, ginkgo, green tea extract, ginseng,
caffeine, quercetin and ginger root.  The product tastes like ginseng mixed
with some other herbal flavor, and is sugar-sweetened. It's the classic good
ingredients - not so good taste deal.
Not Recommended.
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