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Stumptown’s “Cold Brew Coffee with Milk” is, as the name implies, a
ready-to-drink blend of its cold brew coffee, rBST-free milk and sugar.
This product, is a very unique and enjoyable.  The coffee is smooth, but
bold, while the dairy and sugar have been incorporated in just the right
amounts.  Specifically, this is, unlike the mainstream brands that are
essentially coffee-flavored milk, a coffee beverage and one that coffee
aficionados can definitely feel good about drinking.  Great package too.
Highly Recommended.
Reviews for Feb. 2014
Caliwater’s Cactus Water is an all-natural beverage that is made with
prickly pear cactus (both in concentrate form and extract). The product,
which contains 22 percent juice, is sweetened with both the cactus pear
juice and added organic stevia. From a taste perspective, the product is
light and thirst-quenching, with a flavor that is probably best described as
a very mellow berry with an earthy finish.  It has only 32 calories and 7g
of sugar per 11 oz. bottle      Recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
WTRMLN WTR (aka “Watermelon Water”) is a cold-pressed watermelon
juice beverage that is made with watermelon flesh, watermelon rind and
lemon. It is high pressure processed (HPP), which gives it an extremely
fresh and refreshing flavor.Unlike other cold-pressed products that blend
flavors and use ingredients that aren’t typically consumed in liquid form,
has a flavor that is familiar and leaves one wanting more.  Well made and
Highly Recommended
Hiball’s latest addition to its for its line of organic energy drinks comes in the
form of a new ginger ale flavor. Like its other flavors, this one is sweetened
with Fair Trade certified cane sugar, which gives it a clean and crisp
sweetness (it also gives the drink 40g of sugar per can). Functionally, the
product has 160 mg of caffeine, 50 mg of guarana, 50 mg of ginseng, and
150 percent of the recommended daily amount of several B vitamins in
each 16 oz. can.
.Recommended.with reservations due to high sugar content.
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