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Califia Farm’s Cold Brew Coca Noir Iced Coffee delivers what’s
described on the label: cold brew coffee, dark chocolate and almond
milk. Since this is a line of almond milk, it definitely skews a bit more
towards that ingredient than the coffee or chocolate flavors. Because
the flavor is smooth and enjoyable.  The sweetness under control and
the product’s 17g of sugar and 120 calories (per 10.5 oz. bottle) is
somewhat tolerable for those not calorie counting.
Reviews for April 2014
Vita Coco’s Lemonade variety is a not-from-concentrate coconut water.  
Blending lemon puree, which has a pretty assertive flavor, with coconut
water and fruit sugar results in something that tastes much more like
lemonade than coconut water.  It’s a successful blend, with a classic
summertime flavor that’s tart and moderately sweet. The coconut water
adds a very slight saltiness to the body of the drink. Good stuff!
Highly recommended.
edited by Jim Attacap
Seva Maple Water is made from 100 percent pure sap, which, unlike
maple syrup, is not cooked down into a concentrated form. As a result, the
flavor is very light and low in calories (25 per 8 oz.). The product has the
slightest hint of maple flavor and a touch of sweetness (also from the
maple), but this product otherwise tastes very much like water. To that
end, it’s definitely a palatable product and one that is thirst-quenching.
But is that enough of a reason to drink this beverage?
Recommended with reservations - it's flavor profile is minimal.
The Strawberry Lemonade flavor of A Game is a mainstream-oriented
sports drink that features sea salt, honey and B vitamins. From a flavor
perspective, it’s not that far off from being a traditional sports drink flavor;
it’s almost like a cross between lemon lime and fruit punch flavors. It’s very
mellow and easy to drink, although the added clover honey is too light to
impact taste.. Like most sports drinks, it finishes up with a salty note.
Recommended but note its calorie content.
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