Even we beer people are sometimes
forced to drink something other than
beer. As a public service to beer lovers
everywhere BeerNexus presents the only
monthly column of reviews you'll ever
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everything not beer!
The Blue flavor of Red Bull is a blueberry flavored formulation. The taste
has a nice dose of fruit flavor but still maintains its integrity as an energy
drink not soda. The product is sweet, but overly soi, with a flavor profile
that is the boldest of the three new Red Bull flavors. On the energy front,
this product has caffeine (80mg -- just like regular Red Bull).  If you're a
Red Bull fan you'll enjoy this despite the calories.

Reviews for March 2015
Chuice Forest Blend was creates as chewable, plant-based drink that,
despite being mostly liquid, is actually a food product. The liquid in this
product is high pressure processed rather than pasteurized.  It is indeed
chewable, with seeds, nuts, herbs, and greens floating in the liquid. The
flavor of the product is acceptable but whereas each element tastes
good on its own, but all together makes for a rough around the edges
drink/eat (pieces of nuts in the product are just a bit too big, like it's 225
Recommended with reservations.
edited by Jim Attacap
TreTap’s sparkling line makes  interesting use of maple water.  The
base is carbonated maple water which is then enhanced with sugar,
maple syrup, cucumber flavor, citric acid, and monk fruit (a zero-calorie
sweetener). The flavor is a very subtle riff on a flavored seltzer, with a
hint of sweetness and a light maple notes to the finish. It has only 5
calories and 2g of sugar per can.  Cucumber, which is naturally unsweet,
works very well with the low level of sweetness in the drink.    
Blending lemon flavor with Aloe Gloe’s base liquid (a blend of water and
aloe vera powder) makes for a palate pleaser. It has a very light flavor
profile,that nicely pairs aloe and lemon, with just a hint of sweetness from
sugar (4g per serving) and Stevia (which you can't taste as you do in
sinilar products,)..
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