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The flavor of Shaktea Kombucha’s Ginger Ale is that of a spicy ginger
ale. Despite consisting of 98 percent Shaktea organic kombucha, the
product definitely drinks very much like a soda. It’s mildly sweet, but
loaded with ginger and finished off with a touch of lemon and lime juices.
Most people probably wouldn’t even know that there’s kombucha in this
product if you didn’t tell them.  
Recommended plus
Reviews for March 2015
Jay Street Coffee, the coffee brand marketed by Japanese tea giant Ito
En, has added a potent 6.4 oz. “Coffee Shot” to its line-up. It’s pure
unadulterated coffee and made with only two ingredients: water and
coffee. Ito En has done a superb job of creating a product that is full of
flavor, with a bold-bodied coffee that is smooth from start to finish. It
packs a punch of caffeine to the tune of 150 mg per can.        
Highly Recommended
edited by Jim Attacap
The Watermelon flavor of Hint works quite well, which can be attributed
to the light level of sweetness that watermelon has in its natural form.
Inside this product, however, there's only raw watermelon flavor and no
sugar, leaving the drink with a very light mouth feel. We like it and
they've done a good job formulating this.   Overall, an appealing flavor
that's enjoyable        
High Brew’s Black & Bold is a dairy-free, cold-brewed coffee that has only
20 calories per 8 oz. can. It’s arguably the brand's best tasting -- and most
authentic -- cold brew coffee yet. The product contains a touch of sugar
(1g of sugar per can) and no other sweeteners.  The sugar helps smooth
out the finish of the coffee, eliminating any bitterness you might get from
an unsweetened coffee..
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