Even we beer people are sometimes
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Hiball’s Ginger Ale is an organic energy drink. Like other flavors in the
line, this one is sweetened with Fair Trade certified cane sugar, which
gives it a clean and crisp sweetness (it also gives the drink 40g of
sugar per can). It has some ginger spice to it, but the level of heat is
seems just right. Plus, the ginger flavor does a nice job of masking
the functional ingredients in the product which include 160 mg of
caffeine, 50 mg of guarana, 50 mg of ginseng, an several B vitamins
in each 16 oz. can.    
Reviews for July 2015
LaCroix’s NiCola is a sweetener-, color-, and calorie-free sparkling water
that is formulated with cola flavoring. It’s a very novel concept.  LaCroix
has managed to replicatie the smell and taste of cola in a guilt-free way.  
While it’s less sweet than even a diet cola (it has no sweetness), the lack
of any aftertaste is a huge plus. The 12oz. can is a very well-executed
soda alternative
Highly Recommended
edited by Jim Attacap
Lumi’s Gold Rush shot is a potent USDA Organic and high pressure
processed blend of turmeric, lemon, ginger, pear juice and cayenne.
Packaged in a 2 oz. cylinder-shaped container, the product has some
serious spice to it.  There is little taste of the pear and only a hint of the
lemon.. It was formulated to provide an energy boost but it offers a jolt
from the flavor alone. Beyond that, the product is high in B6 vitamin and
Recommended with reservations (flavor may be too intense for some)
The “Pink Lotus” formulation of Lotus Botanical Elixirs is a carbonated drink
labeled as a “balance supplement.” It has a proprietary blend of lotus flower
extract, rhodiola rosea extract, schizandra berry extract, ginger root extract
and natural caffeine (71mg per can). Basic ingredients are sparkling water,
sugar, flavors, raspberry juice, red cabbage extract and citric acid. The
raspberry flavor and the level of sweetness are quite mild and there’s only a
slight functional flavor to the product.
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