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The Blueberry flavor of Slingshot is very much in the same style as their
other fruit-flavored offerings and other fruit flavored yogurts. It’s rich and
somewhat thick, with a very pleasing blueberry flavor and just the right
amount of sweetness. But really, the nicest part about this product is the
mixin “shot,” which adds toasted oats, almond bits, chia seeds, honey
and sunflower oil to the blend. This both enhances the flavor and the
texture of the product,
Reviews for May 2015
Califia Farms has jumped into the cold brew coffee concentrate category
with this product. The key selling point of this beverage is, its low acidity
level, which is 60% lower than hot brewed coffee. The coffee is extremely
enjoyable. It’s bold, but smooth, and has only a touch of acidity to it. And
while this product is marketed as concentrate, we found it to be quite
enjoyable drinking it straight..      
Highly Recommended
edited by Jim Attacap
Velu's flagship product is a mix of water, apple juice, wheat grass and
lemon juice (totaling 40 % juice), that’s pleasing to the palate. There are
no added sweeteners beyond the apple juice, has an almost green tea-
like flavor profile. There’s a subtle grassy flavor to it, but it’s not
overwhelming, and the touch of lemon juice finishes things up quite
nicely.  It has  60 calories and 14g of sugar per 10.5 oz. with vitamins A,
K and 25mg of chlorophyll, with vitamin C, calcium, iron, and B12
Zevia’s Lime Cola is a stevia- and erythritol-sweetened zero calorie soda
that is labeled as having an all-natural formulation. The flavor is that of a
nice tasting diet cola that has been complemented with lime flavoring. The
citrus tastes definitely cuts the sweetener aftertaste, while also giving it
some nice pop that isn’t found in a straight cola flavor.
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