"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Try our recipe for Drunken Hot Dogs - start by sauteing some onions and
mushrooms in a skillet with oil. After about 10 minutes add salt, pepper, and 2/3 of a
cup of lager (don't waste the good stuff for this).  Allow it to thicken into a sauce.  
Then add hot dogs and cook them as long as needed.

How about a contest?  Try to match the Latin American beer with its country of
origin. The beers: 1. Presidente; 2. Quilmes; 3. Modelo; 4. Cristal.  The beers-
a. Chile; b. Argentina; c. Dominican Rep.; d. Mexico
The answers: 1c; 2b; 3d; 4.a

Most serious students of beer quotes know that it was Kaiser Wilhelm II who
supposedly said "Give me a woman who truly loves beer  and I will conquer
the world."  However they often forget that he failed in that goal and after losing
the thrown was exiled to the Netherlands.

Barley wine is of course not a wine of any sorts.  It's a strong beer with ABVs that
range from 8% up to 12% or more. Beers in this style can vary a great deal.

Our favorite pre-craft days beer was Miller High Life which uses  the nickname of
"the Champagne of Beers".  Aside from it being a marketing tool the slogan has
some truth since the beer was once available in small champagne bottles and  made
to be more carbonated than most beers making it reminiscent of bubbly.

Hitachino's owl logo is quite distinctive and there's a story behind it.  According to
owner Youichi kiuchi the name of the village where Hitachino is based is Kiuchi
which means "stork nest".  Because storks are associated with sake in Japan, he
decided to use an owl instead.  Owls are associated with good luck in Japan.

Beer can be a boon to your skin.  Brewer's yeast and hops help decrease the
production of sebum which leads to acne.  Beer's high silicon content is also a
positive for skin health.  No wonder IPAs are so popular.

The first record of hops being used in brewing is from the writings of a French monk
in A.D. 822.  Using hops only became a widespread practice years later.

Quiz time - rank these American beers by age: a.Coors; b. Budweiser; c. Mijller;
d. Yuengling; e. Samuel Adams.  Hey, don't look at the answers -
oldest to youngest: d, c, a, b, e

People in the Middle ages consumed large quantities of beer because it
provided calories and hydration to fuel work, and, with a lower alcohol content
than the beer we drink today, it wasn't as intoxicating.  No, it wasn't because they
didn't have access to pur drinking water.  That only came much later.

Contrary to popular belief beer is a vivable post workout beverage because
of its high level of carbohydrates, sugar, and antioxidants.

As a congressman, President Warren G. Harding, supported laws favorable to the
alcohol industry an impressive thirty times and worked against Prohibition.

Ska Brewing in Colorado announced they will be packaging their 12 oz. beers
entirely with cans. Ska, the second craft brewery in the country to package any of its
beer in cans behind fellow Colorado craft canners Oskar Blues,

When we're not drinking beer we're partial to rum.  Because of that we
recommend you pick up a bottle of Vizcaya Black Rum from the  Dominican
Republic  It uses juices as the primary ingredient, not molasses and it makes a
difference.  But then again, what do we know, we're beer guys.

Beer and Marijuana are cousins; beer's hops may be in the same family
of flowering plants as marijuana but you don't need a prescription for beer.

There are about 150 calories in a 12-ounce serving of standard beer, the same
amount as those little pots of fruit yogurt dieters like so much.We know which is our
choice: when we want a cold one after work, I don’t mean a cold yogurt. A light beer
will contain about 100 calories. Some hefty styles such as barleywines contain
about 300 calories. Remember: it’s not the beer, it’s the nachos

An organization formed in 1985 by the Home Wine and Beer Trade Association
and the American Homebrewers Association trains and certifies homebrew judges.
This group, now an independent nonprofit organization, is called the Beer Judge
Certification Program (BJCP), and it has over 2,500 members throughout the
United States, Canada and many other countries.

According to beer judges a beer's "balance" good, when one flavor does not
drown out all the others in a nasty show of brute strength? How well is the beer
“conditioned,” asks if the flavors have all come together.  All we ask is do we like i

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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