"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

You may thing Budweiser is a weak beverage more like yellow water than beer but
don't ever think that's because their brewers are not some of the best around.  Now
you can add Sierra Nevada to the growing list of craft brewers that have plucked
talent from the world’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev. Sierra, the country’s
second largest craft brewer,  has hired former A-B InBev senior brewmaster Daniel
Kahn as Technical Director, to oversee brewing operations and quality.

Oregon Manifest and Deschutes Brewery have teamed up to bring together bikes
and beer.  The "Bike Design Project” competition is joining with Deschutes to create
custom beers that pair with each respective bike design.  Stop  laughing, that's what
they said. Coming soon: beer to match you car, shoes, and underwear.

The upcoming 2014 Denver County Fair (August 1-3) will have a marijuana
booth. The problem for we craft beer enthusiasts, however, is that there
was going to be a craft beer booth, but it was replaced by the pot kiosk.
Rumor has it that public pressure will bring back beer but the weed will stay.

There's a growing trend of yoga paired with post-practice beer. These classes,
often placed in breweries, are popping up across the country but beware, some
purists are demanding an end to the practice. To them, alcohol is anti-yoga.  They  
see it as both an intoxicant and a poison.  Ah, but what a way to go.

A stay-at-home dad, Frank Yepiz, was just announced as the first recipient of a
brewing scholarship established to honor brewing legend Karl Strauss.  Mr.
Yepiz stumbled into brewing when he began baking his own bread and
eventually began propagating his own yeast cultures.
From there, what else but brewing beer?

Nations with the highest per-capita spending on beer
1. Australia, $748
2. Ireland, $688
3. Finland, $566
4. New Zealand, $453
5. Venezuela, $445

Iran and Kuwait have the world's highest beer prices while the lowest can
be found in Ukraine, Vietnam,and Cambodia.

Three of the four largest selling beers in the world are made in China.  Snow
(China) leads the group with over 75 million barrels.  Not impressive for a billion

Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of The Brooklyn Brewery, has won the 2014
James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence in the category of “Outstanding
Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional.” This is the first time a beer professional has
won the award since the James Beard Awards were established in 1990.

The accepted norm in the UK is to try to pour a bottle conditioned beer without the
yeast. And if you DO want the yeast, that is a matter of personal choice. This is why
most good bar staff leave it to the customer to pour their own bottled beer as they
see fit or ask the customer what to do with the yeast.  Are you listening USA?

Just because a pub has 30 or 40 taps it's not necessarily a great beer bar.  First
off, many places simply fill the lines with multiple versions of Bud/ Miller/Coors and
the same old, usual craft suspects.  If you want to be known as a great place get
some serious Geek stuff,  take some pride in how the beer is kept and served.
And stop inflating the prices because you selling "craft".

According to Stephen Beaumont everything is now an IPA.  "No more fussing with
ales vs. lagers; now we just have warm-fermented and cold-fermented IPAs.
Thirsty for a pilsner? Have this cold-fermented session IPA instead.
Trappist ale? Nope, that’s a non-secular, high malt IPA. Kölsch Try cold-
conditioned, low hop IPA.  Even Bud Light is now an IPA, except it’s a
cold-fermented, low-flavour profile, ultra-session IPA."

Weihenstephan brewery is the oldest brewery in the world and has been operating
for almost a millennium. The building was founded in 740 AD and was originally a
Benedictine monastery. It wasn’t until 1040 AD that the owners received the brewing
licence. Now the building  makes beer and is a research centre for brewing .

"Beer doesn't turn people into somebody they're not.
It just makes them forget to hide that part of themselves."
Kevin Fishburn

Life and beer are very similar .....chill for best results.

See you next month!
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