"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Here are two simple beer cocktails we like- Trojan Horse: equal parts stout and
cola(it tastes better than it sounds); Jimmy and Guinney: drop a shot of Jameson
in a Guinness (tastes as good as it sounds!)

In Africa some drinkers believe you can prevent a hangover by eating peanut
butter before going out for a night on the town.  Our secret hangover preventative
is to drink a glass oftomato juice with a little fresh lemon acts as a .

A currently popular college game is called "Beer Blow".  A deck of cards is placed
on top of an unopened bottle of beer.  Players take turns blowing cards off the
top of the deck.  If an ace is uncovered during a player's turn he or she is
required to take a drink from an open bottle of the same beer.  The player who
blows the last card off the deck has to drink the beer underneath.  Hey, we
said it's popular not that it's any good.

Simple is usually better even committing a crime. Several years ago a man drove
into the Guinness brewery in Dublin just before rush hour.  He hitched his truck to a
trailer filled with kegs of Guinness, Carlsberg, and Budweiser (value over quarter of
a million dollars) and just drove off.  Don't worry, eventually he was caught.

Try La Fin Du Monde, a Canadian classic, with some mussels and warm bread
(make that French bread of course) for a wonderful pairing.   When it comes to
Belgium Quads we think they pair best with quiet contemplation.

FDA Dietary Guidelines allow four drinks in a row for a man
with no more than 14 per week.  A bit conservative, don't you think?

Quick and easy way to make beer cheddar soup - open a can of condensed
Cheddar soup, add 2 cups of witbier and 1 cup of broccoli florets that have been cut
into very small pieces.  Heat covered for about 4 or 5 minutes until it bubbles and
the broccoli is soft.  Drink the remaining witbier.  This also works well with pale ales.

The weizen glass is specifically designed to maintain the beer's head and volume
while allowing the aromas to flourish and enhance your tasting experience.

Trappists are officially known as the Order of the Strict Observance.  They are
a Roman Catholic religious order.  There are over 150 Trappist monasteries
in the world but only 12 make beer as brewing monks are hard to find.

Need a party theme?  Try a beer and cheese format.  Have beers from around
the world and serve with cheese from the same country.  

Did you hear about the brewpub on the moon?  It used to be very crowded.  
However, no one goes there anymore.  Why? No atmosphere.  Ouch.

Old Mike worked down at the brewery for years but one day tripped and fell into
the beer vat and drowned.  "Did he suffer" you ask?  We don't think so; he
got out three times to go to the men's room.

In ancient Egypt, an oft repeated proverb was "The mouth of a perfectly
happy man is filled with beer."  Insightful people those Egyptians.

Brewing 101- the process of creating alcohol is called fermentation.  Yeast  
consumes the sugars in the malt and releases alcohol and carbon dioxide.  For
craft brewers the strain of yeast is very important in achieving a particular flavor
and many will create their own proprietary style to make their beer unique.

The first professional brewer of lager in the US was reportedly  John Wagner who
opened a small brewery in back of his house in Philadelphia.  He brought the first
lager yeast to the US from a brewery in Bavaria, Germany.

Ever heard of Gargamel?  It's a not often made Belgian sour ale, translucent amber
in color, with  a nice tart flavor of sour lemon, dry raspberries, and oaky spiciness.

The average cost of a six pack of beer in 1955 was under $1. Today it's over $5.  
As for craft beer you'd be hard pressed to find good ones for less than $7 a six.

All fifty states in the USA have at least one brewery.  Ten states have forty or more!

A friend of ours recently went on a diet, swore off drinking beer and heavy
eating.  In fourteen days he lost two weeks.

See you next month!
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