"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

We've just returned from a short tip to London.  We drank a lot of beer in a lot of
places.  One night after more than our share of pints we were motivated to recite
our favorite piece from Ian Robb as we stood on a chair in the middle of the bar.  
The proprietor, in tears, bought the house a round.  Like us, he had more
than a few pints.  Here's the sad tale:

Good friends gather 'round and we'll tell you a tale
It's an old story well known to all lovers of ale
For the old English pub, once a man's second home
Has been decked out, by brewers, in plastic and chrome

Oh what has become of the Old Rose and Crown,
The Ship, the King's Arms, and the World Upside-Down?
For oak, brass and leather and a pint of the best
Fade away like the sun as it sinks in the west.

The old oaken bar where the pumps filled your glass
Gives way to formica and tanks full of gas;
And the landlord behind, once a man of good cheer
Will just mumble the price as he hands you your beer

And where are the friends who would meet for a jar
And a good game of darts in the old public bar?
For the dartboard is gone; inn its place is a thing
Where you pull on a handle and lose all your tin
But the worst of it all is what they've done to the beer,
For their shandies and lager will make you feel queer
For an arm and a leg they will fill up your glass
With a half-and-half mixure of ullage and gas.

So come all you good fellows that likes to sup ale,
Let's hope for a happier end to my tale,
For there's nothing can fill a man's heart with more cheer
Than to sit in a pub with a pint of good beer!


Three unusual beers we've seen recently: Angel City Brewery's Avocado
Ale, Spirulina Wit Beer by Free Tail Brewing Co., and
Kelpie Seaweed Ale by Williams Bros Brew.

Three unusual beer related items we've seen recently:  50 Caliber Bullet Corkscrew
Bottle Opener, Sonic Foamer: Ultrasonic Beer Flavor Enhancer, and the ever
popular (?) Russian Roulette Beer Bong. Google  'em if you don't believe us)
Ever notice how common it is for serious beer guys to have beard?  Sorry guys but
clean shaven gents get the most out of their pint.  For example, in Great Britain
alone, 93,000 liters of beer are rumored to be lost each year in facial hair.

"Aplenty bahl steinber horn!” means “A really great beer!” in Boontling, a folk
language developed by workers in the hop fields of California’s Anderson Valley.
And for the record we love most of the beers from Anderson Valley Brewing.

To pour a perfect pint of Guinness the company says you need to let it
rest for exactly 119.5 seconds between the first pour and the top-up —
a period called the surge and settle.

Sumeria’s neighbors, the Egyptians, built the pyramids under the influence.
Workers at Giza received about four liters of beer a day.

"A can of beer'd be the makin' of a guy a cold mornin' like this"
John Dos Passos

(He was probably just kidding)- "Beer has virtue only in giving its victims more of the
good-natured-stupidity of the idiot and less of the demoniac frenzy of the madman"
Lyman Beecher

See you next month!
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Clay Moore
dedicates this page
to his and
Beer Nexus's
favorite band,
Lunch Hour-
Six Pack
"beer for the ear"
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