"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Hello fellow beer lovers - it's me, Jay.  Clay is on vacation so once again I get to write
my "Here and There" column.  If you like it please write the webmaster and ask that it
become a regular feature.  Besides, it's more fun than Clay's column.  Just kidding!
Jay Silvers


Watch the great Elvis movie Jail House Rock while sipping a drink of the same name.  
Here's the recipe:  one ounce Jagemeister and 1/4 ounce of rum into a pint of
pale ale and stir gently.  Goooooood stuff!

Wit beers are great summer thirst quenchers.  However is it fair to say if you've
finished half of your glass you're a half wit??  And when you've emptied your
glass might you be at wit's end??  

You might not be a fan of Corona but you'll love this - mix 12 oz. of lime soda, 1
teaspoon lime juice, 2 teaspoons of confectioner's sugar and a bottle of Corona in a
tall glass over ice. You've just made a
semi-bad beer into a great party drink for non-beer lovers.

Did you know that pale ales got their name from the color of the malt they are
brewed with? Good pale ales are usually balanced with a nice hop finish.

Speaking of Pale Ales, I was just at the Carolina Brewing Company in Holly Springs,
NC and fell in love with their Carolina Pale.  Nice hoppy kick which I love

Beer needs baseball and baseball need beer.

ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter but it's not bitter.  It's usually a pale ale with an
ABV under 5%.  A bit wimpy for USA hop heads but still a great style.

Heard this toast at my local last night- "May the roof above us never fall in.  And
those gathered beneath it never fall out.?

Hops are used in Julmust, a carbonated soda like drink in 'Sweden and Malta, a
Latin American soft drink.  Some herbal sedatives also use it.

Next time you have a bottle of Vienna lager match it with some steamed
asparagus drizzled with sesame oil and lemon juice.  Great!

Thought of the day:  there's nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.

Some sources credit Charlie and Ernie Otto, Wyoming pub owners, with the creation
of the modern growler - a 64 ounce jug for taking home beer from the brewery.

I have to agree with author Raymond Chandler (great mystery writer) when he
said  "I think a man ought to get drunk at lease twice year just on principle, so
he won't let himself get snotty about it."

Read up on Melvin Pervis and you'll wonder why a terrific beer from
Great Lakes was named after a rival Elliot Ness and not Melvin.

My friend Augie told me that the best place to drink beer is at home.  Or on a
river bank, if the fish don't both you.  He also tole me that the only drink more
ancient than beer is water.  No wonder everyone loves Augie!

Hey homebrewers - need good bottles?  Try looting the recycling bins in our
neighborhood.  Hey, of course I'm not serious; I'm Jay.

What might seem depressing to in poor taste to many will be an absolute scream
to someone who has had between 5 and 8 beers.

I used to like peach schnapps in my martinis then I found that if you mix
2 ounces of it with most pale ales you have a great, refreshing drink.

Some historians believe the world's first IPA was brewed by Loren Jennings' Bow
Brewery in the mid- 18th Century.  He called it "October beer".  What a bozo..
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