"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

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The Kalevla by Elias Lonnrot is to many experts the most significant piece of
Finnish literature ever written.  The poem consists of 22,795 verses of which
200 are dedicated to the creation of the world but describing the creation
of beer takes just over 400 verses!

Next time you order a steak try it with a dopplebock.  The beers flavors of
caramel, spice, raisins, and malt are perfect compliments.  If you're enjoying gruyere
and white cheddar cheese have a glas of a good quadrupel.  Great match.

Two beer drinks that taste better than they sound:  Trojan Horse- equal parts
of stout and cola.  Michelada - three ounces of Corona, one ounce lime juice,
one dash of hot sauce; dash of Worcestershire sacse.

Hangover helpers, all natural of course- milk thistle protects liver cells by preventing
toxins from entering and helps remove those already there. Try two capsules.
Thyme works equally as well according to homeopathic sources.  Simply crush
esveral dried thyme leaves and pour hot water over them to make a tea.

If all the beer consumed in the USA in one year were put into 12 ounce cans and
those cans were stacked one on top of the other they would reach the moon -
twenty time over!  Twist them around and they'll go around the earth 185 times.

Sign about the doorway in my local pub - "Come tarry here and welcome be, and
quaff the foaming brew; a friendly smile, a word, a song will cheer the heart of you".

"The attempt to make consumption of beer criminal is as silly and as futile as if you
passed a law to sending a man to jail for eating cucumber salad." - Stephen Leacock

Some researchers believe that the polyphenols in beer (from hops) can slow the
growth of human cancer cells. Beer has also been proven to reduce the chances of
kidney stones by 40%.  As an added bonus it has shown to improve memory and
problem solving. Oh, that's "moderate" drinking of beer - we're required to say that.

Session beers are the hottest selling new thing in the beer market.  They feature
lower alcohol content (under 5% ABV) so a person can consume more over a period
of time without being inebriated. It lets the drinker stay at a pub longer.

If someone from Germany met a person from the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan,
and the Netherlands and each lifted his glass in a toast they would say respectively:
Na Zdravi, Prost, Kampai, Proost.  God bless you

Martin Luther said that "it is better to think of church in the ale house t
han to think of the ale house in church."  Amen.

In parts of the United States malt beverages with an alcohol content higher than 5%
must be called Malt Liquor. Stout. Porter, or Ale. They cannot be labeled beer..

Today's fad for pumpkin beer might quickly end if consumers realized that many
well known brands contain no pumpkin!  The flavor comes from spices our palate
associates with pumpkin pie.  For the record, we hate pumpkin beers!

The half barrel keg that many high volume beer brands come in hold 15.5
US gallons or nearly 7 cases of 24 twelve ounce bottles. A "sixtel" (1.6 of a barrel) is
used by some small craft brewers.  It holds 661oz. or 2.3 cases of 24 bottles

Bars prefer draught beer fans over bottle customers because research has proven
they are more loyal to single establishments and have higher visit frequency.

It's not overly difficult to convert your home refrigerator to a draught system. Check
out Micromatic.com where you can purchase the Refrigerator Conversion Kit.

How to ice a macro beer keg for party of non-discriminating drinkers: About 50
pounds of ice are needed to maintain proper  temperature. First put 20 pounds of
ice on the
bottom of the tub. Insert keg and cover with the rest of the ices.
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