"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

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Hangover Helper:  the next morning take 4 to 5 teaspoons of honey every 20 to 30
minutes until you feel better.  The potassium in the honey is the ingredient that does
the trick.  You can also try squeezing one large lemon into a cup of black coffee.  
Some swear by it; we'll stay with the honey.

Wait.  We forgot to mention peanut butter as a hangover helper.  In parts of Africa it's
eaten before a night of drinking.  You might also try a pint of tomato juice heavily
laced with lemon juice before and during a night of imbibing.

Traveling in a foreign country and need a beer toast.  Try these:  Belgian- Op uw
gezonheid;  Coration- Zivjeli; Hindi- Apki Lambi Umar Ke Liye; Mandarin- Gan Bei

For craft brewers the strain of yeast they use is one key to achieving a
particular flavor.  Many of these brewers will actually create their own propriety
style in order to create a unique taste for their beer.

Wait again.  We just spoke to a Native American who told us that some tribes
believed that eating six raw almonds before going out to drink will prevent
intoxication and its effects.  He also touted Bifidus powder as a help.

We love beer from Brasserie d'Achouffe.  It's the beer with little gnomes on all their
labels which is a play on their nnname, Achouffe, since chouffe means "gnome" or
"dwark" in Walloon, a language spoken in Wallonia (of course), Belgium

The Journal of Nutrition published a study that conculuded that beer drinkers
had no more measurable body fat than non-drinkers.  They obviously did not
go to the bars we frequent.

St. Lawrence (528 CE) is the patron saint of any profession related to fire
including brewers, cooks, bakers, and firemen.

In Japan it is illegal to brew your own beer if it has an alcohol content higher than
1%.  Retailers are permitted to sell kits and recipes that will yield beer of higher
alcohol content but they are required to include a written warning about the law.

Try an American Cream Ale  with one of our favorite foods - raspberry creme
burlee.  Be sure to get the one with shavings of white chocolate and a sprinkle of
cocoa over the top.  Actually almost any beer works with this but we wanted to say
something nice about Cream Ale.  Hey, we're just good guys.

One use for light beer is in a refreshing drink called The Clay & Jay.  Pour one
ounce of gin and one ounce of lime juice into a chilled pint over ice.  Fill with
almost any light beer, the cheaper the better.  Stir, do not shake.  Enjoy.

Most historians believe the first wood barrel was created something between 300
B.C.E. and 1 C.E.  Befoe then beverages were most commonly stored in clay jugs or
inside large concrete or glass vats.  No wonder concrete aging never caught on.

According to F.W., Hackwood's book, Etiquette in 18th Century England, at
social parties no gentleman ever thought of leaving the table sober.  The host
would have considered it a slight on his hospitality.  Ah, the good old days.

How's this slogan from the Anti-Temperance League (1917)- "Why should mother
go without her nourishing glass of ale or stout on washing day?"  Why, indeed.

The first commercial brewery in Japan was Spring Valley in Yokohama.  It was
started by an American, William Copeland, in1869.

19th century archaeologists discovered baskets of grain in tombs in the Valley of
the Kings in Luxor, which are believed to have been for brewing beer in the
after-life.  So much for the song In Heaven There is No Beer.
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