(Your Guide to Good Canned Beer)

                              by Clay Moore

                            "Summer's here. I'm for that.
                  I've got my rubber sandals, got my straw hat.
               Got my cold beer, man I'm glad that it's here..."
                                       --James Taylor

Even though the summer is half over, I think the fall is going to be hot as hell. So plan on
more BBQs, late afternoon parties and other reasons to drink beer outside.

Did you need another reason?

It seems that in a world of countless beer choices (insert voice of movie trailer guy)
beaches, pool parties and events that don't allow glass end up with the same fare --
canned swill. Broken glass, heavy recycling bins, skepticism and the lack of handy bottle
openers have stifled good canned beer from reaching the masses.

Not anymore.

You don't have to settle for mass produced canned beer and spend most of the day in
gnarly port-o-johns. Nowadays, there are a number of excellent canned beers available
which break the pre-conceived notion that you can't find good beer in a can. The next
time you think you have to drink something from the "Big 3" outside, think again.

My standby for non-glass events is Dale's Pale Ale from Oskar Blues (Lyons,
Colorado). At 6.5% with a nice hoppy bite, it's the perfect parking lot beer, or for
sipping next to an air conditioner inside. Pale Ale in a can happens --
and it has been happening since 2002.  

There are many other styles from OB as well:
Gubna Imperial IPA -- At 10.0% and 100 IBUs, it will make you forget your wife         
dragged you to an REO Speedwagon show.
Ten Fidy Imperial Stout -- Chocolate and malt at a hefty 10.5% (hence the name).
I'm drinking one now.
Old Chub Scotch Ale -- Though it may be an acquired taste for some, it's
still an option available.
Momma's Little Yella Pils -- Enough said. A crisp, golden pilsner at 5.3%.
.Gordon Imperial Red/Double IPA -- You must try a beer named after a
local Vietnam Vet and Colorado craft brew pioneer
(Gordon Knight) who died in a 2002 fire.

While scorching heat might not make an Imperial Stout your first beer of choice, isn't it
nice to have options? For extra credit, visit OB's website and
see what else they are brewing.  

It doesn't end there.   

Sly Fox from Phoenixville, PA has its own lineup of canned goodies: Route 113 IPA,
Pikeland Pilsner, Phoenix Pale Ale, Ocktoberfest, Dunkel Lager and
Royal Weisse Ale. Options, options, options.  

Though I've not seen them myself, Brooklyn Lager has been spotted in cans. I've also
tasted the various Butternuts farmhouse beers (Porkslap Ale, Moo Thunder, etc.).
For those of you lucky enough to find it, rumor has it that Harpoon IPA and
New Belgium Fat Tire comes canned as well. Don't forget Yuengling Lager either.  

You can get with this, or you can get with that.

Hopefully the above gives you more options the next time you show
up to a summer get together.  

In  closing, drinking PBR in cans has become too chic these days. For those of you
ready to bring PBR to your next event, if you really want to look cool,
put it back and bring something else.  
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