"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

A true hefeweizen has 50-65% wheat and malted barley.  It is fermented with
German Hefeweizen yeast,  It is bottled conditioned and unfiltered. It's best served
between 39-45 degrees F and in a tall trumpet shaped glass.

Jay makes a great Chili Verde.  His secret is to make it with a crisp finishing lager
that has some citrus.  He things  a hoppy beer overwhelms the chili verde and a
dark beer bogs it down.  All I know is that it tastes good. - Clay

Some yeast strains, like Belgian Ardennes can be used in a variety of styles from
Belgian Blond Ale to Flanders Brown to Belgian Dark Stong.  Others, like Belgain
saison are really only appropriate for saison-style beers.

"Blessed is the mother who gives birth to a brewer."
Old Czech saying.

One of the newest beer accessory on the market is the "chillsner" which cools beer
from within.  It's essentially a long, skinny ice cube contained without plastic so it
won't water down your beer.  You freeze it and insert in your beer bottle.  Simple.

Ready for some summer BBQ pairings?  Try grilled chicken with a lightly sweet
blond ale.  For sausage try some really hoppy brews to cut the fat.  If steak's your
choice go with an imperial stout or strong porter.

Popular beer cocktail of the day is called the "Diesel".  All you need is 1/2 pint
lager, 1/2 pint sparkling hard cider,and a splash of blackcurrant cordial.  
Pour the lager first, then the blackcurrant, then the cider.  Next drink and enjoy!

Some researchers report that at three bottles a day, the cardiovascular benefits of
beer are reversed by the pro-oxidants your body creates as it metabolizes excess
ethanol. We're hoping it's the opposite at 5 bottles a day.

"CTZ" stands for Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus hops.  These hops are so
similar they are usually sold and referred to as one unit. The CTZ hops bring
a pungent bitterness to beer as well as an earthy, herbal aroma.

Some famous actors do now want to appear in beer ads for feat it might hurt
their image.  No so John Wayne.  During his lifetime he appeared in ads for
Coors, Budweiser, and Rheingold.  And after his death he face was featured
on a Coors beer can with proceeds going to charity.

Graf Vienna is a somewhat obscure beer style made popular by Mexican amber
lagers like Leon and Negra Modelo.  It is generally under 6% ABV and has a
reddish amber hue.  It features a malty base, rich body, and dry finish.

In 1959 Erma Fraze created the "zip top", a pull tab that opened a beaker shaped
hole in the beer can.  Iron City was the first to test the new top and Schlitz soon
followed.  It signaled the end of the famed "church key" beer can openner.

The earliest known chemical evidence of beer dates to circa 3500–3100 BC from
the site of Godin Tepe in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran.

American macro lagers are made with significant amounts of  rice. That is why they
tastes so light. Using rice makes the beer cheaper to produce, Some breweries
hoped that  a lighter beer would also draw more women to purchase it.

The word beer comes from the Latin word ‘bibere’ meaning ‘to drink’.

In the Czech Republic, beer is cheaper than Coke. A half litre at the local pub
costs just 30 cents (10.50 CZK) while a half litre of Coke costs 85 cents (30 CZK).
Beer however is a little more expensive than club soda .

Why beer is better than wine?  Human feet are conspicuously
absent from beer making.

The United States two-dollar bill features three brewers: George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams. In fact, George Washington installed a
brewhouse on his grounds at Mount Vernon.

Most saloons were owned by the breweries by the 1900s. The bartenders earned
$10 to $15 per week, with Sunday bringing in the most business.

In a Czech beer house, the bartender will refill your glass every time you
empty it until you place your coaster on top of your glass, signaling
that you have had enough.

Alonso de Herrera was the first European style commercial brewery in North
America.  It was established in Mexico City in 1544.

“The mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with beer”
Ancient Egyptian saying.

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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