"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

American ale yeast is the yeast you use when you want another flavor to dominate.  
It's used in multiple styles ranging from IPA to winter spiced beers.

Light colored lagers like the beer, from Budweiser, Coors,etc. only became popular
in the Prohibition era were low alcohol "near-beers" were produced.  After the 21st
Amendment passes the alcohol content went up but the flavor stayed the same.

Don't lose valuable beer drinking time while bathing.  Check out the "Tub Mug".  It's
a mug that slides on and off a suction cup allowing you to drink in slippery areas.

We just tried Quilmes touted as Argentina's favorite beer.  Let's just say it's not
terribly complex like most cereal lagers.  However it is a perfect thirst quencher for
a hot day when ice cold.  Then again, so is water.

You can tell a maibock from a bock by its color - it's a rich gold instead of a dark
brown.  Maibock literally means May bock because it is brewed in the spring;
Bock beers are not produced until the fall..

"A little bit of beer is divine medicine."
Oaraceksys (1493-1541)

One of Boston Beer Company's most notable failures was the beer Infinium which
was intended to remind the drinker of champagne while still having a character all
it's own.  It turned out to be neither champagne nor beer.  No on liked it. Flop!

Transformers drinking game - watch any of the movies and take a drink whenever
there's an explosion, slow motion, helicopter against a sunset, or the camera pans
the landscape and stops to focus on a meaningless character.  Be sure to have a
lot of beer on hand.  You'll be drinking for most of the film.

Thomas Jefferson had a large underground cellar to store beer.  His daughter
Martha oversaw brewery production at Monticello.

In ancient Peru, the breweries were staffed by women of the elite. The criteria used
to choose the women was very strict - you had to be either of noble birth or
extremely beautiful. “Brewster” is the correct term for a woman who brews beer.

One bottle of beer equals the kilojoule value of approximately seven slices of
bread. Now if you drank a whole six-pack of beers, you would have polished
off just over two loaves of bread.

Weihenstephan brewery is the oldest operating brewery in the world. The building
was founded in 740 AD and was originally a Benedictine monastery. It wasn’t until
1040 AD that the owners received a brewing licence. Now the building not only
makes beer but also acts as a research centre for brewing technology.

In the UK you must be 18 to purchase alcohol but it is legal for you to drink it in a
private home under adult supervision from the age of 5.

The familiar red triangle of Bass Brewery (Bass Ale) is actually one of the world’s
oldest trademarks, registered in 1875. The triangle continues to be used to this day.

At one time the Brickskeller, in Washington, DC, received a Guinness World Record
certificate for having the largest selection of beer in the world, a total of 1,072.

The salutary effects of both milk and beer can be found in one ingeniously named
Japanese product: Bilk. The brewer, dealing with an oversupply of milk due to lower
consumption in Japan, decided to create a beer that is 30% milk. According to
Reuters, “apart from a slight milky scent looks and tastes like ordinary beer”

Got to love the creative names from Shmaltz Brewing Company.  Their new holiday
variety 12-pack  available beginning 10/1/15 is called Shtick in a Box®.

In 1985 the price for one Maß [one liter of beer] at Munich's Oktoberfest was
6.1 deutschmarks, or the equivalent of EUR 3.1 [or $3.50]. Since then, the beer
price at  has risen by more than 220% compared to just a 69% rise in German
prices. The average price of a liter of beer this year is 10.2 €, or roughly $11.50,
which is 3 percent higher than last year.

Some 6 million beer enthusiasts partake in Oktoberfest (for perspective, that's
nearly twice as many people as the number who went to the 2014 FIFA World Cup).
They will begin their imbibing early in the morning, when beer stands open (10 a.m.
during the week, 9 a.m. during the weekend), and call it quits at 10:30 p.m., when
the celebration closes each day.

What to drink a beer that will remind you of a carbonated Snapple?  If so, try
Lindemans' Tea Beer. Smells like iced tea with lemon but pours like a beer.

Icelandic brewery Borg Brugghús has created a beer that gets its unique taste
characteristics from sheep dung. The malted barley that goes into their Fenrir Nr. 26
is smoked over burning Icelandic sheep excrement for several hours, resulting in a
brew that is, according to brewmaster “like a lightweight IPA with fresh citrus and hop
notes, then comes a bit heavier taste from the...” Well. You get the idea.

If beer, coffee, or a nap can't cure it, you've got a serious problem.

Clay: "Hey Jay, what's your idea of a balanced diet?"
Jay: "A beer in each hand."

"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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