"Here and There"
by Clay Moore
and Jay Silvers

Lactobacillus is part of the lactic acid bacteria group which converts sugars to
lactic acid.  They play a starring role in creating gueuze, lambics, and Berliner
Weisse.  Lactobacillus always appears in tandem with Saccharomyces
cerevisiae, the most common kind of yeast in beer production.  

"Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and
promotes health." -  Thomas Jefferson

One of the most popular tourist stops in the Boston area is the Sam Adams
brewery.  They offer hour long tours daily (except Sunday).  Tickets are given out
first-come first-served and often disappear before noon.

Try a cinnamon sugar rim on you next glass of winter/Christmas ale.  Mix one
teaspoon cinnamon with two teaspoons sugar and swirl the top of the glass gently in
the topping.  Purists may frown but it's nonetheless fun on occasion.

Know your weizen - Kristalweizen is filtered for extra clarity and has soft banana or
phenol accents; Berliner weisse is bottle conditioned with a tart acidic taste and little
bitterness; Dunkelweizen has a complex malt taste with clove and fruity aromas

Many hyped beers fail to live up to their ballyhoo.  However in our opinion three that
do are Bell's Two Hearted, Founder's Breakfast Stout, and Dogfish 90 Minute

Two reasons why we like beer in cans- 1) they offer the ultimate protection for
skunking since they are impenetrable to light; 2) the pop-top of a can is a much
better seal against air than glass bottle tops.

Beer cocktail not for the faint of heart - The Quad Blast.  Pour a shot of equal parts
pineapple rum and Bailey's Irish Cream,  Then drop the shot into half point of you're
favorite quad or imperial stout.  Goooooood stuff!

Wondering what beer to pair with your dish of falafel, stuffed grape leaves
or tabouli?  Try a good Biere de garde or simple English pale ale.

Citra hops are relatively new.  It has a fruity tropical character with a bouquet that
includes pineapple, mango, and papaya.  You'll find them in abundance in beers
like Sierra Nevada's Torpedo and Victory's Headwaters.

For our money the champion chameleon of the beer world is a Kolsch since it
combines elements of both ales and lagers.  It's brewed with an ale yeast and
fermented warm but then aged at cold temperatures.  Enjoy your next one at about
50 degrees F with will showcase its broad range of aromas and flavors.

Budwweiser Brazil is now promoting the "Buddy Cup".  It's a plastic cup with an
embedded chip that's connected to Facebook.  When you bump you Buddy Cup
with someone else's you become Facebook  friends.  Hey, it marketing folks.

Hunter S. Thompson's association with Flying Dog Ales began when he moved to
Owl Farm, just down the mountain from Flying Dog founder George Stranahan.  
They became friends as seen in Thompson's essay called "Ale According to Hunter.

One of our favorite beer names is Palate Wrecker from Green Flash.  It's an apt
description as it uses 6 pounds per barrrel of Centennial and Columbus hops and
comes in at 149 IBUs (yes we know the palate doesn't recognize over 100).

"Life, alas, is very dear.  Up with the glass!  Down with the beer!"
Louis Untermeyer

In Africa beer is commonly made with sorghum  or millet.  Central Asian countries
also use millet whereas Chinese beer has been made for thousands of years with
rice.  In the Andes, chicha beer was made from chewed-up corn.

Let's hope you don't say this on a trip to Germany: "Ich habe so einen Katter!"
- I have a killer hangover.

Forget Double IPAs, there are now quite a few Triple IPAs in the marketplace.
Most feature an ABV over 10% and upwards of 85 IBUs.  It's more of a hoppy
barley wine than anything else.

Brussels Lace is the perfect foam that refuses to go away and forms a lace-like
residue pattern once your glass is empty. This can only be achieved with a high-
quality beer. Interestingly, Brussels Lace will never form on a dirty glass.

When discussing Michael Jackson, most beer enthusiasts are not referring to
the gloved singer but the British Michael Jackson (1942-2007), beer scholar
and foremost authority in anything related to the beverage

Before people could write, the Sumerians were tinkering with beer. When they
did get around to inventing the written word after all those pints, they describe some
of the beers they created as “a golden beer, a dark beer, a reddish beer,
a dark and sweet beer and a filtered beer”. Unfortunately, the exact recipes of
each of those beers are lost to history.

Dogfish Head Brewery’s Celest-jewel-ale contains dust from lunar meteorites. If
you’re wondering why the company would put crushed space rocks in your beer,
it’s not just to be fancy. As it turns out, since the meteorites are mostly minerals
and salts, the dust aids the fermentation process


"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."
Clay and Jay

See you next month!
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