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Performance Beer

Exercise can burn a ton of calories (between 800
and 2000 for just golf) which means you need water
and food to recover, but a  pint of beer could do just
as well, if it's :"performance beer."
Recharge' With Beer
World Record Set

Sierra Nevada Brewing set a World Record by
slinging a barrel filled with beer an eye-popping
438.81 feet!  Here's how it was done and why it
almost didn't happen. Heave-ho.
Guinness World Record Set By CA Brewery
April 2021
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Right Way To Make A Black & Tan

The beauty of the black and tan is that you can
enjoy two completely different brews in the same
glass. This is the famous layered beer drink that is
easy to make at home with these tricks.  
Secret Tips For A Proper Black & Tan
Creating New Hops

The science of hop breeding is tricky. While it
seems like it would be easy it's anything but. Hop
biology is complex, and as with humans, the
offspring often do not look or behave much like the
parents. Read how new hops are created.
Where New Hops Come From
Culmbacher - Extinct Beer

A recipe for Culmbacher lives on in archival
perpetuity in the Smithsonian’s National Museum
of American History in Washington, D.C. It was
Introduced to American drinkers in the 1850s from
Kulmbach, Germany then disappeared.
What Really Happened to famed beer style
Best Summer Beers 2021

Summer beer can be just about any style, as
long as it’s crisp and refreshing and makes you
never want to go back inside again. But some
are really good and some plain bad.  Here is a
list of the very best to look for.
Experts Pick Best Beers For This Summer
Easy Way Watermelon Beer

Make quick use of leftover watermelon and mix up
a super fresh, very delicious watermelon beer. It's
a variation on the popular shandy and, with just
three ingredients, it mixes up in minutes. Spring
and Summer here we come!
How To Make Watermelon Beer
Celebrity Beer & Booze

Celebrities have been entwined in the business
of selling booze for ages. Now however you're
not really a celebrity unless you have your own
brand of beer or liquor.  Here's why.
Why Are There So Many Celebrity Brands?
Edited by Jim Attacap
Research by Pete Tamburro
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