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Bars Open Down Under

Seven weeks after the coronavirus pandemic forced
Australia’s pubs to close, bars will take their first
cautious steps towards reopening this weekend in a
momentous moment for a nation of beer drinkers..
Australia Opens Bars - Blueprint For Others?
Drive Through Beer Market

he concept of a Farmers Market has been
adapted for beer as large parking lots tare being
used to create a single stop where people can
support a multitude of breweries at the same time
– all from a safe and structured distance.”.
Breweries Gather For One Stop Buying
June 2020
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Festivals Go Virtual

Without a vaccine thousands of people going to a
beer event is unlikely. Beer festivals are
particularly risky — as sample pours are often
shared and sipped by other festival goers..Are
virtual festivals the answer?
Beer Fests Forced To Go Online
GABF Changes

For the first time in tit's nearly 40-year history, the
Brewers Association (BA) has canceled the 2020
edition of Great American Beer Festival, which was
slated to take place 9/ 24-26, and will instead move
“to an immersive online experience” Oct.16-17..
New Format For GABF
Let Your Voice Be Heard

Before bars and breweries doors reopen amid the
COVID-19 pandemic, the craft brewery Victory is
looking for feedback and input from drinkers to
find out what is most important to them. Help the
brewers bound back- fill out a short survey
Victory Brewing Survey
Discussion Guide

Need something to talk about on your next Zoom
beer meeting?  Here's a guided lesson on South
African Breweries belief it might destroy 400
million bottles of beer because of its country's
coronavirus lockdown rules.
Lead A Beer Disccussion
Maggot Beer

Beer drinkers in Soweto’s Ezimbuzini settlement
were alarmed to discover that the traditional beer
they were drinking was full of maggots. Issues with
the popular style of homebrew are not uncommon.
LBeer Ban Brings Dangerous Homebrew
Life Changing Beer

Most craft brewers,can remember that beer that
was responsible for their career goals which in
turn makes beer drinkers indebted to those  
beers. Eight famous brewers tell us about the
beer that changed their lives.
The Most Memorable Beer
Edited by Jim Attacap
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