Beer Bulletins
Bucket List Beers
We asked a dozen masters of beer and brewing to
name which beers every drinker should try at least
once in their lifetime. Some of them are basic, beers
that give you a baseline and hold your hand ahead
of more complex and obscure styles. Others are
simply the most notable examples of brewers
pushing the limits of science and taste. How many
have you tried?
25 Beers To Try Before You Die
Beer Moves In On Weed
With 11 states and the District of Columbia now
legalizing recreational marijuana, and 33 states
legalizing other forms, the slogan “this Bud’s for
you” may take on a completely new meaning, as
beer providers expand into the cannabis market.
Here's the latest news on just what is happening.
Beer Moves in on the Cannabis Game
February 2020
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New Hops Everywhere
Hops are grown in a number of regions around the
world, and craft beer has fueled a wave of
breeding. Unlikely locations like France, Poland,
and Slovenia have been especially active. In most
cases, the new hops are tailored for modern
palates, with a focus on tropical fruit. Get the
scoops on all the new varieties at
A Whole Lotta New Hops
The Walmart Beer Story
Costco has had enormous success. One of the
secret weapons behind their enormous success
has been their signature Kirkland brand. Kirkland
Beer is one of their biggest money makers.  the
question is who actually makes the beer? You
might be surprised when you read
Who Makes Kirkand Beer?
Big Beer Gobble Up Another One
Detroit's largest craft brewery is selling to a
multinational beer giant. Tenth and Blake Beer
Company, the U.S. craft division of Molson Coors,
has announced an agreement to acquire Atwater
Brewery, one of Michigan's largest brewers widely
known for its Dirty Blonde wheat ale and Vanilla
Java Porter. Read -
Famed Detriot Brewery Sold
Beer Advocate
If you know beer you know the rating site Founded in 1996, it is an
independent community of enthusiasts and
professionals dedicated to supporting and
promoting better beer. Check out some
fascinating stats from the largest and most
diverse beer community online.
BA's Year In Beer
Captain Pabst - Serious Craft
Pabst Brewing Co.’s newest beer, a more serious
plunge into the craft sector, comes in a beautiful
can, its matte midnight blue adorned with, in a
weathered gold, symbol-laden imagery that befits
a 132-year-old brand. Unlike Old Tankard and
Ballantine IPA, Seabird is an entirely new recipe
aimed at a modern craft beer drinker. Worth a try.
Maybe.  Get the full story at
Beer Barron - Captain Pabst
Foeder Gatherers
Aging beer in wood is nothing new. Before there
were steel casks, wooden vessels from pins (5.4
gallons) through kilderkins (roughly 22 gallons)
and all the way up to tuns (303 gallons) held and
matured beer. Beer being stored in barrels date
back to the 7th century, Now there's a modern
take on it.  Read the full story at
Beer's New Favorite Vessel
Edited by Jim Attacap
January 2020 Beer Bulletins