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Chicha Reality
Chicha de jora, or “chicha” for short, is a naturally
fermented, corn-based brew originating in southern
Peru. Ancient in origin, it is sold on street corners
and in municipal markets today in Peru and Bolivia,
where vendors ply it in repurposed plastic soda
bottles to go, or ladle it into pint glasses for
passersby. It has long been understood to be made
with masticated maiz — corn that is chewed and spit
out but is that the real story?  Read -
An Alternative History of Chicha on vineparcom..
Beer Package Designs
There’s an old saying in the design world: “If
everything stands out, nothing stands out.” This
is a key cocern when designing beer packaging.  
Designers have to weigh the size and position of
the brewery brand against the specific style and
fanciful name, while connecting the design to a
broader beer portfolio and standing out on a
crowded shelf. How is it done?
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January 2020
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Thoughts For Craft Beer Beginners
Once you’ve decided to enter the craft beer scene,
where do you start? What style of beer should you
try? How long should you grow your beard?
How do you think of a punny Untappd name?
All you really need for your journey into beer is an
open mind (and beer, obviously).
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The ONE Holiday Beer To Have
Before modern medicine, properties of Western
Arborvitae leaves were believed to have healing
properties — hence, the moniker ‘tree of life.’ 2019
Anchor Christmas Ale proudly wears this tree and
symbolizes the start of a strong, healthy
beginning.  If you can only pick one beer for the
winter and holiday season this ist.  Why? Read -
The One Beer You Should Drink on
Italy Rules In The World of Pilsner
Tipopils, is an esoteric oddball lager that has
helped spawn a spate of “Italian-style pilsner”
tribute beers.  Tipopils’s rise is unlikely  as the
only real twist that brewer Agostino Arioli adds to
the classic German recipe is a dry-hopping of
Spalter Select hops but somehow that all it took.  
Why is this now the hottest upcoming style? Read -
Your Move, German Pilsner on
Dirtbags - The Craft Influenceers
Most craft brewers are small, and the majority
don’t have money for mass-media advertising,
Word of mouth is truly the way most craft
brewers get the message out. Way back before
Instagram existed, bikers, hikers, and climbers
traveling around the country were the original
influencers who fueled the microbrew revolution.
Read their story -  
Dirtbags - The Original Craft
Beer Indluencers on
The Truth About A Beer Belly
Is a beer belly a real thing?That's something
researchers are divided on, actually. Harvard
Health points to a scientific review out of the Czech
Republic that found drinking beer wasn’t
specifically related to “girth," and that evidence of
the effect of moderate alcohol consumption on
weight gain was “inconsistent.”  Check out the real
beer-belly on
Heineken Giving Away Zero Beer
Heineken USA is giving away 1,000 31-packs of
its non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0, as part of a
campaign to win beer-drinking occasions during
“Dry January.”Dry January is a month of no
consumption of alcohol, which one in five
Americans  they would be observing to start
2020. Get the details at
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