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Home Brewing Surges

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the news, so many
people are turning to home brewing to get away
from what’s going on in the world and do something
that’s fun, and later drink that beer they have made.
Homebrewing Popularity Soars
Brewing After The Pandemic

Read a series of snapshots that reveal what
some in the MA brewing industry are currently
dealing with as they try to predict what a
post-pandemic world will look like for all breweries.
Will Breweries Surrive?
May 2020
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Brewers Helps Out

Led by beer companies, many in the hospitality
industry have given back to the community—“I
never thought Dogfish Head would be in the
sanitizer business,” said founder Sam Calagione.
“But this is a time of crisis, and it's necessary,"n
Dogfish Head Lends A Helping Hand
Make Beer In An Instant Pot

Bored sheltering in place?  Try making beer in your
Instant Pot.  Realy.  Even better make a sour beer
worthy of a gold medal.  Simple easy directions to
follow.  Anyone can do it...
Instant Pot Sour Ale
Dark Milds Exploding

The Dark Mild beer style, and  the English Bitter,
are appearing with increasing frequency  This
resurgence is perhaps symptomatic of the growing
trend of craft beer toward a greater appreciation
for more historic and foundational styles.
Comeback King - British Dark Milds
Good Past, Bad Future?

Last year may be the last time the craft beer
industry sees any growth. Even as the number of
new craft breweries opened rose the underlying
weakness of the business is still present, and the
coronavirus pandemic will only exacerbate it.
Is This The End Of Craft Growth
Majority Might Never Reopen

A new report says that that approximately 15% of
breweries might permanently close by the end of
May, while around 60% could close by late July
if current conditions continue nationwide.
Brewers Association Worried
Virus Crushing German Breweries

German brewers fear more closures as the virus
outbreak threatens the existence of the country’s
many local producers of the national beverage -
beer. Community institutions, often family owned
for generations are in imminent danger.
Is This The End Of Germa Brewing?
Edited by Jim Attacap
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