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Craft Lagers - 10 Best
The most exciting trend in craft beer isn’t murky hazy
IPA or pastry beers that taste like desserts, it’s the
resurgence of the once and future king of beers:
lager.  Beer fans have rediscovered classic
European-style lagers--and are sprinkling in a little
bit of American craft beer flavor
American Craft Lager Revolution
Classic IPAs
Today many young brewers forgo flagship
recipes for limited unusual releases. If you can
look past the hype, however, you’ll find plenty of
solid IPA offerings from what are now considered
big-name brewers. Here are 12 of them, all first
brewed more than a decade ago..
Classic IPA That Still Rule
March 2020
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Best Breweries
Rating the best breweries in the world—even the
top 100 breweries—is impossible. America now has
over 8,000 breweries, up from fewer than 1,600
just twenty years ago; the United Kingdom has
seen its count explode to over 2,000.Beer rating
website RateBeer still has listed the best .
The Ten Best Breweries
Enjoy Ice Cream "Beer"
Häagen-Dazs has multiple favors are made with
real alcohol and has added two more, although
they won’t require an ID to purchase.  The only
containing just 0.5 percent alcohol each. We don't
get the point but others do as it's a big seller.
Boozy Ice Cream
From Twitter to Trillium
The famed  #IAmCraftBeer has manifested itself in
the form of community partnerships and
collaborations.  Some are turning their retweets
into real-life initiatives actively showing that craft
beer is more than a microcosm; it is a multitude of
multifaceted participants.  Get the real story -
Beer Community Members Empowered
Cocktails Help Beer
Since the craft beer revolution American craft
brewers have made beers that taste like pizza,
raw oysters,steak. etc.. The newest trend is
making beers to taste like other beverages —
especially cocktail, to bring in a new and
different audience  Find out just what is going on
Taking Cues From Cocktails
Is No ABV On Label Illegal?

When Prohibition was repealed, Congress passed
a law in 1935 that actually banned the listing of
alcohol content on cans and bottles of brew.  
What's the law now and what does Coors have to
do with it?  Find out in this article -
Why Some Beerd Don't Put ABV On The Label
Happy Birthday Sierra Nevada
urning 40 is a pretty big deal for a person.
But for a brewery, marking a 40th year is a huge
deal. It’s the oldest remaining brewery that
began during what would become known as the
craft beer era. Here's their story of surrival
Lordy, Lordy, Sierra Nevada Is 40
Edited by Jim Attacap
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