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Potential Revolution In Brewing

Terpenes are the aromatic and flavor compounds
found in all plants, and when extracted from hops
and put into liquid form, they contribute a huge burst
to the taste of the beer. Telluride is one of the first
brewers using them to replace traditional dry-
and it may change how everyone brews..
Redefining The Brewing Process
Beers For The Hop Adverse

In the modern beer world, I wouldn’t be surprised
if someone who is just sampling the craft industry
for the first time makes the assumption that
practically all beer is India pale ale, or defined by
hop flavors.
That's not the case as you'll see.
Beers For Hop Haters
April 2020
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Free Canning For Breweries

A Denver company is canning beer for free to keep
small breweries alive. When the governor shut
down bars because of the coronavirus, small
breweries had a whole lot of beer but no way to
sell it. Enter Codi Manufacturing Company.

Trying To Save Small Breweries
Beer Glass Search

A new beer brainteaser has left even eagle-eyed
olkspuzzled! The Society of Independent Brewers
challenges the nation to spot the beer glass hidden
among the hops.
The record stands at 15 seconds.
Find the Beer Glass
Virtual Happy Hours and More

Almost overnight, coronavirus forced breweries to
flip the switch on how they do business. At brew
pubs and taprooms, skeleton crews are now
turning company vans and Honda Civics into
delivery vehicles.
 How they're coping in DC -
Breweries and Bars Stay Open
Breweries Struggling

Deschutes Brewery, Oregon’s leading craft-beer
producer, has laid off more than 300 people
because of the economic blow the coronavirus
pandemic is laying on the state’s brewing
and breweries across the country.
Breweries Take A Hit
Forty Years of Craft Brewing

It's not easy to run an iconic craft brewery for 40
years.  Find out from Ken Grossman of Sierra
Nevada. He was among the first wave of home
brewers who ventured out and decided their
approach to beer making had a place in America..

Interview with Mr. Sierra Nevada Brewing
Coronavirus Changes Consumers

How long will the stock up last during the COVID-
19 pandemic? Will more consumers adopt e-
commerce platforms for the long term? How can
taproom-focused breweries adapt ?
analysts Jim Watson and Bourcard Nesin

andswer those questions and
much more
Chainging Consumers
Edited by Jim Attacap
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