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Better Beer With Analytics

By adopting an analytical approach toward the
brewing process, breweries of all sizes are
increasing their bottom line, as well as improving
efficiency, quality—and consistency of their beer.
The value of data analysis for breweries.
Is Bavaria Anti-Craft Beer?

The Reinheitsgebot, or beer purity law, was
established in 1516. According to tit only hops,
barley, yeast, and water are allowed in beer.
Today there are exemptions that allow for craft
beer production. Except in Bavaria.
Craft Beer Out in Bavaria
July 2020
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Beer Historian And COVID-19

Today, the coronavirus is exacting the largest
impact on American beer since Prohibition, and the
pandemic will similarly shape this country’s beer
story—an insight that is guiding Smithsonian to  
document this pivotal moment.
Beer History Being Made
Anheuser-Busch Takes Kona

Kona’s operations in Hawai is being sold to PV
Brewing Partners, The rights to the Kona brand in
the other 49 states and international markets would
go to A-B. The world’s largest beer manufacturer
would manage the Kona brand outside of Hawaii..
Kona Beer Sold
Craft Pioneer Moves

A pioneering brewery within the Vermont craft
beer scene, Magic Hat has been churning about
iconic brews in Burlington since 1994. But
according  the beloved Vermont brewery is
permanently vacating and moving forever.
Magic Hat Shocks Vermont
Real Beligum Made Here

With a philosophy born in the fields of farmhouse
breweries in Belgium, brought here to the USA,
this brand is the best of both worlds Ancient in
spirit yet always on-trend  Brewery Ommegang is
regarded as one of the top in the nation.
Five Things About Ommegang
Strong Drinks Attacked In Japan

"Strong" level chuhai (shochu highball) alcoholic
drinks with a typical alcohol by volume (ABV) of
around 7 to 9% have quickly become huge sellers
in Japan but now they face a backlash..
"Destructiv" Drinks Big Sellers
Famous Beer Returns

The iconic Arcadia Brewing Company may be
closed, but some of its beer will still be available
thanks to Short’s Michigan.  They
announced plans to bring back Arcadia Brewing  
products and revive their many classic beers.
The Return of Arcadia Beers
Edited by Jim Attacap
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