Beer Bulletins
Breweries & Climate Change

The Climate Neutral Certification is gaining traction
amongst environmentally conscious breweries
across the nation. Last year, there were a total of
146 Climate Neutral Certified Brands; together they
measured and offset more than 200,000 of carbon.
Breweries Adjust For Climate Change
HDHC, The New Way To Hop

Brooklyn’s Other Half Brewing is behind a new
hopping method, which which is the hottest thing
in the industry. It's “high density hop charge.”
Iusing a hop product called Incognito. .
USA's Biggest Festival Picks Best Brews
Dec. 2020
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Faces In Ber

Erik Stabile's unique project of taking film
photographs of brewers and develop the film in the
beer they brewed.  The pH of every beer is slightly
different, and therefore each photo would
theoretically reflect the unique makeup of that beer.
Pictures Made In Beer - Literally
Ancient Beer Is Craft’s New Frontier

The re-creation of ancient beer is booming thanks
to recent archaeological projects giving drinkers  
insights into the past all over the world. These
investigations have led to many creative,
fascinating and tasty you will see.
Ancient Beer Today
30 Beers That Changed America

These American beers have had a huge impact
on beer itself, and in turn, our nation. From
trend-setters to game-changers, here are 30
beers that each sip brings you a little bit of beer
They Changed a Nation
Cannabis Co. Buys US Brewery

Aphria Inc.of Canada has purchased Atlanta’s
Sweetwater Brewing Co. for at least $300 million,
marrying acraft brewer with the pot industry.
Sweetwater does not now make drinks with a
cannabis buzz yet. Now hat could be in the offing
Sweatwater - Cannabis Beer?
Creative Packaging Helps Craft

The year of the coronavirus, out of necessity,
morphed into the year of packaged craft beer
sales so we wanted to highlight some of the more
innovative / creative ways craft breweries have
configured their packaged offerings
New Packaging Increases Sales
What Makes a Great Brewery?

In todays day and age of 8,000+ breweries in the
US, its more important than ever to be putting
out incredible beer in order to establish yourself
as a successful brewery. Here are the ways it
can be done.  Take a look.
Types of Great Breweries
Edited by Jim Attacap
Research by Pete Tamburro
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