Beer Bulletins
Most Important Beers

What beers have made the craft revolution the
success it is? A team of experts and beer historians
have selected the ten most important beers in craft
history.  It will be hard to disagree with them..
Ten Most Important Beers In Craft History
GABF Winners

The Brewers Assoc.  awarded 240 breweries
medals in its first-ever online ceremony. The 34th
Great American Beer Festival had 8,806 entries
from 1,720 breweries across the country.
USA's Biggest Festival Picks Best Brews
Nov. 2020
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Why Brut IPA Failed

The Brut IPA concept came about as a result of
experimentation but, ironically, may also have been
killed off by experimentation, It was thought the
style would sweep the world, instead it flopped.
The Rise And Fall of Brut IPA
No Alcohol Guinness

Ireland’s iconic stout and one of the world’s most
popular beers is now available without alcohol,
allowing revelers to enjoy  Brewed in Dublin the
beer was 5 years in development.
Zero Zero Guinness
2020 Zymurgy’s Best

Each year Zymurgy magazine asks readers to
share a list of their favorite beers that are
commercially available in the USA.  They've.
tallied the votes, and here are the top-10 results
for the 2020 Best Beers in America survey.
The Best Beers ?
Hops- Beer's Superstar

The craft beer revolution turned the tall cousin of
cannabis into a breakout ingredient, infusing
your brew with amazing flavors and aromas
Here's how it started and what's next.
The Future of Hops
Ice Beer Is Back

iDrinkers wh are price-conscious, and appreciate
that beers provide a great value for a higher-ABV
product that still tastes like are enjoying a return of
Canadian ice beers.
The History and Return of Ice Beer
Revolution in Brewing

Imagine ta machine that helps big and small craft
breweries brew more beer. And brew more
flavorful beer. Does it sound too good to be
true? Now it's a reality.
New Technology For Brewing
Edited by Jim Attacap
Research by Pete Tamburro
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